Gamespot gives 5.5/10 To Viva Pinata: Party Animals

Despite how lousy Viva Piñata: Party Animals is as a game, the quality of the visuals keeps it afloat for far longer than it probably ought to. The game aims for the same bright, glowing look as the original Viva Piñata, and though it's not as meticulously detailed, it's mostly quite successful. The piñatas look great, and virtually everything in the environments has a look that equally recalls confetti and candy--there's also lots of confetti and candy. The backgrounds are nicely detailed and filled with activity, and it's not uncommon to see other piñatas leaping around enthusiastically during the various contests. The music is as aggressively upbeat as the visuals, and despite how overzealous some of the piñata voice acting is, it fits the game's overall tone.

Minigame collections and kart-racing games are two of the most obvious, thoughtless ways to cash in on a video game franchise, and considering how daring and unusual Viva Piñata was, it's disappointing to see the franchise go down this path so quickly.

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InMyOpinion4864d ago

Gamespot is sooo biased!!! They hate the 360!!!

lol! I think this game looks more like a 2/10.

BloodySinner4864d ago

"Gamespot is sooo biased!!! They hate the 360!!! "


iceice1234864d ago

Everyone go spam their forums and complain. This game is easily a 9.5 EASY. Gamespot is just owned by Sony I guess. They suck I am going to go cry on their forum plz come help everyone. This is such an outrage. Nobody should ever go bacck to gamestop they suck this is BS!

Greysturm4864d ago

Most of the doubters of the 360 have in common the idea that all of its good games are shooters and this is a steryotype that needs to be broken in order to acess the larger gaming demographic. The wii so far has the best variety of games (with the exception of shooters) and Sonys has shown a lot of plans for games and functions outside of shooters i believe that for the final sucess of the xbox it is necesary that they encourage and promote non shooter games in order to reaquire the lead or keep themselves in second place.

crank4864d ago

As the owner of a Wii, you are plain wrong.

We have no games, no variety, and often use the machine as a silent friend to converse with when things get tough late at night.

Greysturm4864d ago

Available now.
Zelda (Best fantasy adventure title on next gen yet)
Metroid (Great shooter)
Party Games (Take your pick)
Big brain academy (great puzzler)
Coming soon.
SMG (Platformer with the greatest potentential yet)
SSBB (Considered by some the greatest fighting game ever)
The only thing missing for the wii is a dcent rpg and it would cover all the important genres. The wiis main issue its its online which refuces the singleplayer per console replayability.

squallsoft4864d ago

at least the graphics are shiny...

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