Dev on Tomb Raider Reboot: “We Just Decided to Make Her as Real as We Could”

Crystal Dynamics developer says the new realistic Lara Croft demonstrates the core of the human spirit when faced with insurmountable odds. Do you approve of this change?

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fluffydelusions2674d ago

Explains the sudden reduction in breast size.

f7897902673d ago

Yeah I guess she got implants after striking it rich. :P

Queefy_B2673d ago

i like her look tho just past the jailbait stage :)

Xelestial2673d ago

That's a little creepy, but yes I agree that I like how young she looks. She's been turned from a sexy 30 something to a more naive early 20s it seems.

MysticStrummer2673d ago

I'm glad the series is getting a re-boot, and I like what I've seen and read about it so far. Definitely one of my most anticipated games.

Dac2u2673d ago

I had lost all interest in Tomb Raider until now. After seeing the game at E3, I'm sort of looking forward to playing this.

Xelestial2673d ago

Yes, I completely agree. I had never expected to be interested in Tomb Raider again, but after reading that interview and seeing the footage, I am intrigued to say the least. I hope they pull it off.