Pro Evolution Soccer on PS3 locks online play to registered user

Something which many of us missed from Gamespot's review on PES 2008 for the PS3 is that the online registration process locks your copy of the game to your Konami account. So therefore, if you ever wish to sell your copy of the game, then the buyer will have to have your registration details in order to go online.

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Meus Renaissance4864d ago

Well obviously. At the back of the manual is a registration code you type in to create a Konami account to play online. After this you just login with a button and that's it. However you need this code to play and if you sell it, then obviously the buyer will ask for the registration code also.

BloodySinner4864d ago

That's if the buyer even knows about a "registration code".

Meus Renaissance4864d ago

That's true but the code is on the manual. And I'm sure the buyer would ask for the manual of the game.

Rama262854864d ago

This shouldn't be a problem, more of a pain though. You don't have a log-in name, just your own personal password. So after you sell it, just change the password and supply that password with the game. Case solved. (it is a bit silly though!)

SuperSaiyan44864d ago

Does this also apply to the 360 version? If not why on earth have they done this for the PS3 version??

SmokeyMcBear4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

oh i get it.. yeah.. not the same

nirwanda4864d ago

I own the 360 version it's the same as all other xbox live titles nothing get tied to the copy of the game this is just to discourage resales or it's the only way konami can do a peer to peer connection over the PSN

Meus Renaissance4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

You have to put the code in first, then after you won't need to do that again. It's just press and play like on Live.


Konami have P2P servers on Live too. In fact, the vast majority of games on Live use P2P servers other than one or two select games like Team Fortress and BF2 for example.

Gamer134864d ago

Put in my disk and play online straight away.

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The story is too old to be commented.