TimeShift: Gamer Review - 8/10

For the more experienced gamers among you, the game's 'Elite' difficulty setting will present you with a huge challenge, where enemies have lightning fast reaction times, take cover, and flank you in order to stop your progress. Online multiplayer also offers a well-balanced experience and the implementation of the time controls into grenade-style engulfing time bubbles is going to make deathmatches very interesting.

TimeShift is a shining example of what good can happen when a publisher gives a developer time to finish the job properly (or scraps a year's worth of work and restarts the project). With a satisfying campaign, backed up with a truly unique multiplayer experience, TimeShift certainly isn't a run-of-the-mill title anymore, and for sci-fi fans this may be one of your most rewarding titles this year.

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predator4874d ago

this could shape up to be a suprise hit

Excalibur4874d ago

And had a lot of fun with it and bought the game today.