A handy guide to the confusing consoles

So which should you go for? I'll leave the basic Xbox vs PS3 quandary to you, but as for packages, at £299 the 40GB PS3 is good value - it'll be rare for you ever to need more than two USB ports. Keep an eye out for retailer bundle deals - most will offer a game or at least a Blu-ray movie or two and for a few extra quid you could get an extra controller as well. With Xbox 360, the Arcade machine's lack of a hard drive is a big minus for those hoping to use Xbox Live Arcade by downloading more games, plus GTA fans will find themselves having to fork out more than £100 for a hard drive when GTA IV comes along.

If you're really confused, there's always the Wii. If you can find one: the machine that doesn't offer a dozen iterations is the one that's selling like hot cakes. I wonder if there's a connection?

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jackfatal4867d ago

300 pound and u get blue ray player,free online,cell,wifi,wireless,HD resolution!! plus ratchet and clank and uncharted etc!

slugg4867d ago

Part of the reason that the Wii is doing so well is because it doesn't have a bunch of bundles, which seem to confuse the average consumer. The multiple versions of PS3 and 360 are hard to figure out as far as which is the best deal. I think it is interesting, however, that different versions of the PS3 "remove" features such as backward compatibility and wifi, while the 360 bundles "add" things, such as the Pro system coming with everything it always did (wireless controller, 20gig HD drive, etc.)plus 2 games, Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, as well as new sysemes have HDMI, and the new Basic 360, the "Arcade" version, now comes with a memory card and free Xbox Live Arcade games, as well as a wireless instead of wired controller. In the long run, however, it should come down to which system has the best games this holiday. The Wii has Super Mario Galaxy, and... well, uh, thats it. PS3 has Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank, along with gread multi-platform stuff like Call of Duty 4. 360 has Halo 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock, as well as PGR4, Forza 2, Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, Ace Combat, Virtua Fighter (with online)... so get what you want and enjoy!

ukilnme4867d ago

Just suck it up and buy all 3. PSWii60 is the way to go.

slugg4867d ago

Which PS3 and which 360? LOL

ukilnme4867d ago

Depends on what features you want and your budget. I bought the 360 Elite and the 60GB PS3(for BC).