FW 2.00 - Within Two Weeks

Within the comments on the latest ThreeSpeech blog is a reply to someone asking when the next firmware will be, and the representative from ThreeSpeech says there'll be something on that tomorrow, and the release of FW 2.00 will be within the next two weeks - so - stay tuned for a press release on Friday.

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feejo4870d ago

Would it include Home, it is due to fall season.

R2-JD4870d ago

Home is delayed until Spring 08

Kleptic4870d ago

the public beta was still set for "fall" 07 though...

R2-JD4870d ago

the FW 2.0 was supposed to be last night?????


Frulond4870d ago

logged this morning to try download it and nothing....................... ......

power0919994870d ago

I know home was delayed, but I thought they were still going to release Home Public Beta in the Fall. No?

Scythesean4870d ago

I think the beta is going to be something you sign up for, it's open to all but only those that sign up for it at the Homebeta site. Maybe that week we get 2.0 it will open? Just have to wait and see they did say everyone will get a chance to use home this year.

joten4870d ago

The Public Beta will be put up for download on the Playstation Store. The final release that is slated for Spring 08 will be Home Square. The Public Beta is the whole indoor lobby thing.

Stray_Wulf4870d ago

Next two weeks???? >.< aaahhh, I don´t wanna wait that long. First they say the 30th, then they say the 31st, now they say within two weeks.... i bet in two weeks theyll say "oh great news, its coming within the next few years!"..... DAMNIT

Scythesean4870d ago

Dude that was not FIRMWARE 2.0 it was the stupid PSN agreement thing. Read for a change no one said 2.0 Firmware was coming out on the 30th.

This is FW 2.0 this guy is talking about so this is good news.

Stray_Wulf4870d ago

Yeah dont mind me, im just a bit hot-headed due to the fact that ive believed all the rumors and have been waiting for 2.0 since the 29th... This is a lesson for me to NEVER believe rumors... damnit it got me all excited too :(

Scythesean4870d ago

Trust me I was one of them that believed that it was coming out last May when that person posted that long list of great fetures that seemd too good to be true. That was the last time I trusted anyone other then a sony head telling me when something was coming out.

gerrard4870d ago

I'm FW 2.0, COD4,Uncharted demo, Ratchet & Clank & Spiderman 3(movie)
I'll be keeping myself Busy this month

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