Itagaki Talks Game Design

Team Ninja's founder, Tomonobu Itagaki, recently spoke on the upcoming Ninja Gaiden entry on the DS, and his thoughts on designing games.

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BloodySinner4866d ago

"I think the biggest problem with DMC4 is the enemies. They don't really do anything. I wouldn't call them enemies, I call them targets".

Absolutely dead-on. DMC4's enemies are exactly like DMC3's. They just sit there and do nothing.

ParaDise_LosT4866d ago

Itagaki can be a Tit sometimes but He makes good points....
DMC enemies do feel cheap.....the artwork is great tho :)
thats what I love about DMC, not so much the A.I

THE_JUDGE4866d ago

you already own and beat DMC4? Oh thats right its not out yet so you don't know what the AI is like. As for NG vs DMC in terms of AI, I can say that I had more trouble with the AI in DMC than I did in NG. Thats just my personal experience but stop trying to talk like you know or have played a game when you know you haven't and its not even out yet!

Enigma_20994866d ago

The dodge and Trickster styles would be useless, you idiot!!!

BloodySinner4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

@THE_JUDGE - Where in my previous comment did I say I played and owned Devil May Cry 4? Have you actually watched any videos or are you that much of a DMC fan that you would be in denial? Cry me a river, loser.

@Enigma_2099 - Haha... Fool. They those "styles" were useless in DMC3 and not very helpful. Anyone who's honest enough would tell you the same thing.

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midgard2294866d ago

i luv dmc tho, and always will, the scenes are great and characters are likable, BUT. the enemies are just there to make dante/nero look cool, they're like punching bags. they almost never hit u, yet they live for a while so u can juggle them and do fancy things to them, altho the boss fights are never as easy, its still a prob that DMC needs to fix.

like NG, i wish the enemies were actually there to kill u but what ever, NG will always be my fav, but i'll always luv DMC

Salvadore4866d ago

Does he always were sun-glasses?

gamesblow4866d ago

Some of us have to wear them all the time...Me, for one. I have severe dry eyes and photo sensitivity, not to mention aura of fluorescent disturbances. < Meaning I cannot look at Fluorescent or LCd lighting without tinting. If I do, I see several blind spots and moving lights in my visual field. It sucks... but it's something some people have to live with. I don't know if he suffers form this, but many do.

kingfury4866d ago

Stop stealing my pictures.

Enigma_20994865d ago

Not only is this not true, it's also the first style I max out before starting on Royal Guard. Just because YOU can't use a better evasion dash than others...

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