EU PSN Forthcoming Goodness for November - December

Here's a list of content coming your way over the coming two months. No specifics as some dates are still to be confirmed but it's looking good for the run up to Christmas.

Hit the jump for the list.

November Releases:

Feel Ski

PS Eye Mesmerize Distort
PS Eye Tori Emaki

Uncharted: Meet the Dogs/The Characters & Music: English Only - localised versions to follow

Lair: Call of the Beast trailer

MotorStorm Revenge Weekend Trailer

Folkore - Bottom of the Sea pack

MotorStorm Devil Crossing pack:
Track - Devils crossing
4 new tickets containing 10 races
2 new vehicles with 3 liveries each. One unlockable vehicle with 3
liveries upon completion of the mini devils crossing festival (as per
Coyote revenge pack)
Content of the Lite Pack 5 ( Roadhog & Buffalo) - this content will
substitute the online mode which is not available anymore.


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Darkiewonder4868d ago

That's quite the list for Nov-December for them o.o

anh_duong4868d ago

Dark Mist game ? what is zis?

alan0014868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

cant wait for the warhawk expansion pack, i wonder wat will be in it hmmmmmm.........

Devilbringer4868d ago

no Uncharted drake demo ;(?

Rama262854868d ago

After the link it mentions an Uncharted Demo in November...

nurayi4868d ago

"Lair: Call of the Beast trailer"....
just let it go sony. I would feel bad if anyone actually was swayed by one of these trailers or music videos lol

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