The whole three-book Assassin's Creed project died

Steven Barnes, author of the Assassin's Creed novel, writes on his blog:

"I was asked about Assassin's Creed and I've got bad news: the book isn't going to be published. No, there was nothing wrong with it: Marco Palmieri at Pocket Books was perfectly happy with it. But it seems that the video company got visits from descendants of the original assassins, members of the Ismaeli sect currently led by the Agha Khan in India. They… suggested that Ubisoft, the game company, show more respect for their ancestors, and Ubisoft went all pitter-patter. Next thing we knew, they wanted to remove all religious references from the book. I guess the Crusades were about shoe size or something. Then they hired an expert to vet the book. Curious that they hadn't thought about that before, eh? And finally, they wanted to send the book to the Agha Khan's people for their suggestions. By this time, Marco was thoroughly disenchanted. The book was turning into puree of bat shit, and I was no longer amused. The whole three-book project died.

Wow. Strange. Still got paid for the first one, though…"

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MK_Red4866d ago

WTF!!!! Sad news. That would have been an awesome book.

Heaven_Or_Hell4866d ago


I think it would be great, imagine a best seller XD

4866d ago