Three exclusive Uncharted videos from Eurogamer

A trio of exclusive Uncharted videos have been sprinkled generously across the mighty Eurogamer Empire, capturing their early progress in Naughty Dog's anticipated PS3 adventure.

Introducing Nathan Drake as the new Indiana Jones of gaming (and nothing at all like a male Lara Croft, obviously), Uncharted marks the US developer's PlayStation 3 debut, having enjoyed huge success on PSone and PS2 with slavering, ginger maniac Crash Bandicoot, and platforming partners Jak & Daxter.

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Kleptic4866d ago

unbelievable looks absolutely awesome...

that guy previewing the demo said that the explosions, inthe demo at least, were not very good...I know the older builds had pretty uneventful pops...but the fire morphing into that plume of smoke is incredible looking...I guess the demo is of a build that didn't have that yet...

iMad4866d ago

But nothing special. Similar to Pirates ot the Carribian with better water effects. This is typical DX9 level graphics. No HDR, No Shaders 3.0, no clear textures..that's sad for PS3. Games with this level of GFX allready available for a year on the market.

This game has good design and story - 8.5

And this is very sad for m becouse i play only games that looks good. And i did't see any good realtime screenshoot from no game on PS3 yet. maybe it will be UT3 but still no rendered screenshots from PS3. Nothing revolutionary in PS3. What should i pay for? With a cheeper HD DVD, BR players coming and more films ariving i will better choose to buy standalone device for HD films by Cristmas.

mighty_douche4866d ago

you said the exact same thing in the last Uncharted post.

get a life, or go read some more halo reviews, or what ever it is you sad gits do when your not on n4g cos it sure as hell aint gaming.

Blood_Spiller4866d ago

"This is typical DX9 level graphics. No HDR, No Shaders 3.0, no clear textures"

All those effects can be done in DX9, Shader Model 3.0 is actually a DX9.0c feature, regardless though the PS3 doesn't use DX at all, it uses OpenGL.

tuffco4866d ago

Please look into it because if I were you I would be looking to down a bottle of liquid drano.

ngg123454866d ago

It is obvious, that this game has shaders, AA, HDR, and Clear textures. I may be blind but I know for a fact that all of these are in this game, and they are obviously in this game from pics, and discussing about them in their dev diary's. But heck, you are another "I know everything because I'm on the internet people".

Lionsguard4866d ago

Because XBOX360 games have DX10, HDR, Shaders and, Clear textures amirite?

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jerkstore4866d ago

Potential GOTY.

Naughty Dog does it again (so far).

crank4866d ago

This is why I come here. I nominate the post above (you know who) for the most idiotic and retarded comment to be said in the year 2007!

Just WOW! Have you any clue what you are talking about, sir?

This game puts most PC games too shame!

Did you just bite down and give a review for a game you haven't played nor seen in HD nor is it even out?

And then go on to show us you know nothing about DX9 or OpenGL.

I hope you are fake and making a joke because if you are real I feel just awkward posting here.

Dear god....

ShiftyLookingCow4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

The only thing he was right about was DX9 level graphics(of course that is without considering any help from Cell like in KZ2), but then I doubt he really knows what he is talking about. The devs specifically mentioned Shaders and HDR in a recent video.

edit: life would be impossibly hard for devs if they had no API or didnt really use it all, there is no way dev teams will do a better job than nvidia at writing code for RSX. Though I dont really know much, my guess is Cell handles animation, some of the shaders and perhaps HDR and the result is used with RSX via OpenGL ES which handles polygons, texturing and rest of the shaders.

Ju4866d ago

It doesn't really matter if its DX or OpenGL (it is OpenGLES, BTW), there is so much custom code in there, that the back end system is simply irrelevant.

crank4866d ago

Anyway you want to play it, Naughty Dog is in the top 5 most talented Devs on the planet.

The sequel to this game will be absolutely TREMENDOUS.

I would say when I see this in HD I will judge the graphics.

I so far have not really even been impressed by DX10.

And since DX9 is producing such stellar games why would I care.

I have done the click fest comparisons on my 1920x1200 and I barely noticed a difference on most games in 10.

I am sure there will be more in the future, but as far as storytelling and animation I will take NG over just about anyone.

To hell with bioshock, this game looks challenging.

ShiftyLookingCow4866d ago

dig at bioshock was unnecessary.

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