Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Review (GPT)

GPT: "Let’s face it, we all played with LEGOs when we were kids. They have always been fun and when they came to the world of video games we were all excited. Indiana Jones, Batman, Star Wars and even Rock Band have all been LEGO-ized and now Pirates of the Caribbean has been added to the long line of LEGO games. This title brings you on a journey through all four of the Pirates movies in an experience that is enjoyable by gamers of all ages."

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ShyGuy133497d ago

So damn sick of LEGO Games..

jonlynch3497d ago

I face nothing! Especially playing with LEGOs. Such a dark period in my life.

vgchica3497d ago

Why is Pirates of the Caribbean still even relevant, it shoulda died when Orlando Bloom left!


Lego Lord of the Rings..... make it, make it, MAKE IT!!