Mount and Blade: Warband Review (GPT)

GPT: "Whenever I play one of those massive scale RTS games, I find myself wishing to be a little closer to the action. Being able to zoom in and actually fight in a massive medieval siege battle or skirmish would be gaming gold. Well, take Battlefield and make it have a baby with Sega's Total War series and you will have the gaming wonder that is Mount & Blade: Warband. This title was developed by the semi-indie studio Taleworlds and published by Paradox Software. This is the sequel to the first Mount & Blade and Warband adds many new features to the mix."

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ShyGuy133503d ago

Weird title. Never heard of it.

Raichu503503d ago

i thought this was called Mountain Blade

jonlynch3503d ago

Mount and Blade - Sounds like a rough first date.

ExitToExisT3503d ago

Great score.
Wish the developers had some fund , i mean they are developing it with zero cash , they have like 10 employees.