Overlord DLC heading to 360

Eurogamer reports: "Codemasters is lining up three slugs of downloadable content for Overlord on Xbox 360, and all three are due out this month. Slugs one and two are premium offerings dealing with single- and multi-player additions respectively, and the other fella is a free bonus with a new map at the heart of it."

"Codies goes on to add that PC downloadable content can be expected in the New Year. A special edition PC version of Overlord, featuring all the stuff detailed below, is on its way but only for the German market. So hang on for further details. Anyway, back to the 360."

"First up on the premium side is Overlord: Raising Hell, an expansion that introduces hell to each of the game's five kingdoms. As Overlord, you will have to conquer each world properly first before descending through a portal into the new hells, each of which houses the banished former ruler of the overworld who needs duffing up a bit more to fully impede a grisly comeback. Check out our Overlord: Raising Hell screenshot gallery and trailer to see what it's like."

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Excalibur4864d ago

OverLord is a very fun game.