Buy a Japanese Wii for US $2.17

The Wii is really popular in Japan. Heck, the Wii is popular pretty much everywhere. Selling them? Piece of pie. No wonder Nintendo isn't dropping the price anytime soon. So retailers would have to be nutty to sell them under MSRP. And selling them at a 99 percent discount? Insane. Rakuten Ichiban online retail shop GMAX is doing just that. Between November 9th and December 9th, the retailer is apparently selling five (yes, five) for ¥250 ($2.17) - one per customer.

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The WildAttorney4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

What a desperate attempt for sales. Poor Nintendo.

Night4ll4868d ago

Nintendo isn't selling it at this price, the individual store is...

ShadoWulf4868d ago

Desperate for sales? The Wii? Near Christmas? Nintendo's been selling them as fast as they can make them for an entire year!

This is just one nice guy deciding to get 5 people Wiis for little to nothing.

MK_Red4868d ago

Now that's the real price of Wii and totally worth buying.

ItsDubC4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

I was waiting to see who'd be the 1st troll to make a comment like that. Didn't think it'd take over an hour though.

How predictable and character-revealing.

KeiZka4868d ago

While I do agree with MK_Red, that RRR2 promotional trailers are full of tasty humour, his jabs have become rather mild these days. I daresay I wouldn't count him as a proper troll anymore...

Marty83704868d ago

Wii = worthles piece of Sh#t.:)

Night4ll4868d ago

Seriously what the hell has the Wii done to u... let people who bought it enjoy it, and go enjoy the system you like... besides over 13 million people disagree with you!

KeiZka4868d ago

What is it with youth these days... So shallow repertoire. Begone, knave, back to your mind numbing whatever it is you do, before you manage to befuddle all of us with such ambiguous attempts at trolling.

Gotta love how meaningful these comments sometimes are, mine included.

But ya, it is a fine opportunity for an entrepreneur to get a nigh-free Wii.

season0074868d ago

besides 13million sold =/= 13million disagree....maybe 5% of 13million, that makes sense

i don't expect all 5.x million PS3 owners are happy right now either

ShadoWulf4868d ago

13 million sold means 13 million willing to spend $250 on a Wii. I'm guessing therefore that they deemed it a fair price, or they would not have bought it. Consumers don't buy things they deem worthless for $250.

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PS360WII4868d ago

odd. Selling only 5 for that price. It's not like it wouldn't sell out at it's current price point. Hmm

ItsDubC4868d ago

I think it's more of an advertising stunt for Rakuten Ichiban. I mean, I would've never heard of them if this news never came about.

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