Sight and Face Training: Eurogamer First Impressions

Face Training, according to the press release, is "based on the internationally recognised concept of Facening". Bizarrely, Facening's international fame has yet to spread to Lewisham so we had no idea what this meant. Turns out Facening is all about pulling different facial expressions to exercise and tone your features. A simpler term for it might be facial yoga; an even simpler one would be gurning.

Nintendo isn't pretending Sight Training will actually improve your eyesight, so don't throw away your contact lenses. It's about improving your vision, or 'Focus Ability'. There are five areas to work on - dynamic visual acuity (seeing moving objects), momentary vision (taking in several bits of information at once), eye movement (moving eyes quickly and accurately), peripheral vision (seeing over a wide area) and hand-eye co-ordination (being good at videogames).

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