Bizarre Creations interested in Wii racer

Speaking to Pro-G in an exclusive interview, Bizarre's Commercial Director Sarah Chudley has expressed the company's interest in a Wii racing game.

"We enjoy working on any technology, whatever the capabilities - as they're all a challenge," said Chudley. "A Wii racer sounds interesting, especially with the cool racing wheel, but of course we can't discuss any plans for the future as yet, sorry!"

Speaking about the differences between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in terms of raw power, Chudley claimed that the two consoles are very similar in terms of performance.

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THE_JUDGE4497d ago

you might as well just say were looking into making a mediocre game that will prolly be lost in the shuffle of games that are coming out for a system that is dependant completely on its controller. Just sad.

ItsDubC4497d ago

Or if you're a real gamer, you could be optimistic about the title given Bizarre Creations track record and be excited about the possibilities that the new title could bring to the gaming world.

Play games, not consoles.

Kaneda4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

Wii is for girls... look @ that cute steering wheel...

KeiZka4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

So wouldn't it be prudent for you to get a Wii, since by your logic, chicks dig it? There's usually talk about what one's missing.

Have fun, though. I myself hope that they do make a game, and that it'd be a proper racing game. I've been missing on good racing games as of late. (There's nothing out there that has beaten Porsche Challenge for me.)

ChickeyCantor4497d ago

yet you are a fan of a girl ........*looks at your picture display*

PS360WII4497d ago

Well if Wii got a really good racer I'm sure Bizarre Creations could make it ^^