Bonus Round: Episode 13, Part 4

Today's episode features guests Alex Park, Brian Dionne and Fred Guesseand whom are all members of the GT community.

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cloud360-7th_account4875d ago

same guy that said MGS will come to 360.

It cant. Think about it games that are better on 360 is bcoz that is the platform that was the leading the one they used and put all attention then games get ported BY EA.

But this time the lead is PS3. So Fu*k XBOX

jackfatal4874d ago

he is a fan of x360!! he cant hide it completely!!
he wat he talks about is 360 games and halo and mass effect like there no other great ps3 games this year!! he didnt even mention UT3 or HAZE or uncharted until the other guy mentioned it!

Kleptic4874d ago

ah...Bonus Round usually struggles to appeal to all gamers...and by all gamers I mean including those who don't buy every single platform...

not all of us have or are willing to invest that much money into a hobby...that doesn't make one a fanboy...but you have to admit that BR is nearly always heavy on 360 titles (halo 3 has been almost all they have talked about for a long while now)...

in either case he is pretty accurate for GOTY...Bioshock is definitely a worthy is ME most likely...I think CoD 4 will be pretty healthy in the running also...I would love to see Uncharted really get into that race too, and although I love that type of game...I think it lacks that mass appeal that the other 3 mentioned do...

as long as Halo 3 doesn't get it...I am happy...there are much more innovative games being released/already released that make Halo 3 look like a 2001 640p...haha I had to...j/k sort of...