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kookie3387d ago

I knew it, über update

Yi-Long3387d ago

... I liked the game on 360 until strange stuff was going on during the matches due to mods or something, which kinda ruined it for me. Might give it another chance on PC now... :)

DarkBlood3387d ago

wasnt it free already or did they mean free as in we dont have to pay for the game?

Controversy3386d ago

These are the kinds of moves that make me think good things of Valve. They are willing to experiment and their support of games released a long time ago is amazing.

I'm always shocked to see people hate on Valve.

likedamaster3386d ago


We dont have to pay for the game.

saladthieves3387d ago

Dear Valve,

I love you,

Valve Fan.

theonlylolking3386d ago

Valve does not make the best games but they sure are good at making the community like them which = to great sales and a great rep.

Aarix3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

Imagine a valve console with steam in it . Probably be $50 if you buy portal 2 for $10

evrfighter3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Whatever momentum origin had with pc gamers is gone just like that.

Welcome to the industry is what valve just said

admiralthrawn873387d ago

Free as in the game itself is now free to buy. thanks for the warning. i bought it only a couple months ago

Klaykid1233387d ago

Are you upset you spend around 10 dollars on a great game? Even in a few months it is well worth that price.

Pro_TactX3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

So you have been able to enjoy the game for a couple of months now for about the price of a decent lunch. There are better things to complain about.

IaMs123386d ago

Dont complain Valve earned that money and in return they are giving it free to everyone. They deserve it, we treat them right (by buying games) and they treat us right (by giving us best Digital Service around, free games, and awesome sales).

xruiner893387d ago

People who purchased the game will have more options with trading and pick-ups among other things than then F2P people.

mananimal3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

thats free forever with DRM, though. still no thank you.

STK0263387d ago

Did you expect Valve to make TF2 F2P AND to take it out of Steam?

radphil3387d ago

.....It's an online oriented game...the hell do you expect?

Pro_TactX3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

You are a "glass half empty" kind of person aren't you? I bet you are just a delight to be around in real life.

mananimal3379d ago

and you must have gotten a D in Math, cause if you were good with number's or $$$, and understood that having to play your games with no physical disc, which means YOU HAVE AND OWN NOTHING, that you paid for. Kinda like selling your ass on 6th ave, ..needing a constant INTERNET CONNECTION to access your games is also a waste of $$$, and becomes a more PROFITABLE business model, for the Elite or Rich and Powerful, if you will. Your naive and ignorant, like most, so no biggie, but you need to educate yourself, but im sure you like being cannon fodder, and the butt of most jokes around the dinner tables of the Rich, Powerful, Social Elites, as they laugh and giggle uncontrollably at your foolish ignorance,your helpless predictament, pure sheeple, is what they call you folks, young and dumb, unable to comprehend, caught up in the Matrix, a slave, a drone or clone....shoulda taken the RED PILL kid.

likedamaster3386d ago

He's a fanboy of the blindest caliber, disregard.

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TitanUp3387d ago

will there still be an option to purchase the game?

Jacks_Medulla3387d ago

Yeah, just send $10 to me, and your copy will be ready to download off of steam.

Ducky3386d ago

Buy anything from the in-game MannCo store, and you'll be bumped up and get all the features.

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