The Top 10 X360 Games of Christmas 2007

Gameplayer takes a look at the Xbox 360 games set to be on the market for Christmas 2007 and weighs up their selling potential in the aim of predicting the top 10.

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duarteq4869d ago

Are there going to be any games for Xbox360 this christmas ?

Didn't know that... and u can even sum 10 games ? hard to believe

Capt CHAOS4869d ago

(is that a word?)

Anyway.. What about HALF-LIFE 2, It doesn't even get a mention on the charts! Durgh!

BIGBAER4869d ago

Tons of gameplay, hidden objects, excellent multiplayer and custom-made made maps, and auto-saved game movies guarantee it.

Mass Effect? Exactly!

PGR4? Best and most realistic arcade-style racer ever.

It's going to be a great holiday season!

Snukadaman4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

This game is really great....If your into GTA with ninjas you are in for a treat..I was blown away with the cell shaded graphics. I think if more word of mouth gets around this will be the sleeper hit of the season.

lol I agree with both of you on the star wars is just 2 games smashed into one that have allready been on 360...and smackdown is the same as last years version....

sleepbox4869d ago

Horrible list. I guess this is an Austrailian site...

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