Terraria 1.0.5 Update is Live

The Terraria 1.0.5 update is now live. Included are many new additions and fixes.

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Shackdaddy8364547d ago

Time to go play some Terraria again :)

ElementX4547d ago

I have been playing off and on. Last night I got down to the area with the lava and fire imps. I was searching for gold for a depth meter and sword and finally collected enough.

Shackdaddy8364547d ago

I've actually done basically everything so these updates are well welcomed.

ElementX4547d ago

I'm liking the changes so far.

shammgod4547d ago

I am only a beginner so I probably wont notice many changes

LightofDarkness4547d ago

It's changed a lot since the first release, by my own reckoning.

ElementX4547d ago

I've put in about 8 hours, maybe more (I lose track), but I just recently got down to the lava. I also just made a depth meter and found the magic boomerang thing, cloud in a bottle, and speed boots. I'm glad they fixed the eyeballs and bats going into the water.


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MrNinosan47d ago

Minecraft like, and still missed No Man Sky.


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Here are the new Xbox Game Pass Quests for August 2022

Xbox Game Pass Quests recently reset for the month of August. So if you try to collect as many Microsoft Rewards points as possible, there's a new set available now.

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anast488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

This is not what I would call value for money spent. They give you quests in liveservice games to get you "re-engaged" with the monetization schemes or to get you hooked or so you at least spend some extra on skins and loot boxes. Then they dole out paltry points after you have already paid extra for whichever liveservice within a liveservice that you are already paying for. My worry is people can't actually be that stupid to fall for this, can they?

littletad487d ago

Absolutely nothing in this comment makes sense. At all.

anast486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

How does it not make sense? O thy god of reason, shine some evidence upon us. Ryse of Rome, ESO,and AC: Origins are all live service games, between them you can get 275 points. Liveservice games are made to keep people spending. Therefore, Gamepass is a live service and the points are for playing live service games.

It is not my problem that this does not make sense to you, it is absolutely your problem. I mean it is all your problem.

Julion0715487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

Hate Xbox but comments in every Xbox article 😂 without making sense smh

anast486d ago

Bring the evidence and then your emoji might make sense.