Bungie Aerospace site is up and much more

Along with a slight redesign of their original site (, Bungie has launched the new Bungie Aerospace site. All we have is a logo and a tease for many details on Bungie day (7/7).

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vishant1013689d ago

the center of the gaming world

LocO_o3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Please let 95% of the game be in space and diffrent planets.

I dont want to be shooting other people or things in a giant space vessel - Looking at you Dead Space

I dont want to be stuck inside of a cock pit - Looking at you Star Fox.

I dont want liner planets as I want to explore a new planet from head to toe. - Looking at you Mass Effect

I dont a generic space marine FPS Shooter - Looking at you Halo and Killzone

Jack-Pyro3689d ago

Ok seriously, if you don't wanna be in a cockpit, and you don't wanna go planet to planet, and you don't wanna be on a giant spaceship....well then WTF is the point of being in space? O.o

LocO_o3689d ago

I want to be able to fly around in space like super man with out having to look for oxygen.

I want to be able to fight giant bosses like Galactus.

I want to be able to travel and explore like Star Treck.

I want to meet and interact with new life on other planets.

I want free roam.

I want super powers like Darth Vader.

I want wookies to fight by my side.

I want a time machine

I want a PS Vita for xmas

3689d ago
HK63689d ago

The Bungie Aerospace website has been like that for a VERY long time. Very misleading article name.