Evidence That Someone Loves Playing Duke Nukem Forever Online

In this video we see Randy Pitchford gathering to his side a phalanx of celebrities (of a sort), gaming, game culture and Internet folk. He even brings in Ted Price, president and CEO of Insomniac Games.
- Written by Brain Crecente

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Simco8763686d ago

if you have gamed in the late 90s and early 2000s, then you know that playing multiplayer is a blast with your friends... regardless of what game it is (Fusion Frenzy comes to mind).

Hott actresses don't hurt either....

Solid_Dave3686d ago

Fuzion Frensy.....oh God man, that brings back memories.

Oldman1003686d ago

Ted Price looks like he enjoys holding that 360 controller.

beastgamer3686d ago

i couldn't find anyone :( LOL

Solid_Dave3686d ago

Hahahahaha, it happens bro! XD

Jack-Pyro3686d ago

Chocolate Bear! =D

My Scrubs geekery knows no bounds!

palaeomerus3686d ago

It's too late for me. I already played it so I know it sucks.

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