Kid punches Mom in face over Halo 3

A young child has been accused of punching his mother in the face as she forced him to cut his game short on Sunday night and then fought with the police as they tried to restrain him. The parents told deputies that their son was playing Halo 3 late at night and they said he needed to turn it off, but the child refused to switch off the machine so his parents took action and the child went nuts and gave his mother a good thump.

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TruthbeTold4867d ago

Problem child. Funny stuff.
On a more serious note though, this is ridiculous.
If I were his parents, I'd let him spend a night or two behind bars, and I'd smash his XBOX right in front of him with a sledge-hammer. Kid's crazy because these parents probably let him play video games for 10 hours a day, and he sounds like he can't be older than 10-12. Just end his gaming life for a good while, and see if he can get his act together. Craziness...

skitzoid4867d ago

show a child that acted out with violence another violent act of smashing the console with a sledge hammer.

Parents let their kids play violent games that they are not old enough to play and wonder why they act out in violence when they are told to stop. This is what boggles the mind. The sad part is there are more kids (-17) playing Halo 3 online (M rated game) than adults.

TheGamer4866d ago

No more Halo3 for you now!!!!

hac-hunter4866d ago

It could have been Power of Green. =)

Twizlex4866d ago

Seriously, the article says they took his air card so he couldn't play the game anymore. What the hell does that even mean?

stunt2134866d ago

can someone please explain to me whats an air card?

Hackworth4866d ago

i wasn't allowed to touch an electronic entertainment device ( wide encompassing) for 3 months because i got a D in math one year >.<

and WTF is an air card?

unicronic4866d ago

I wonder how old this kid was. Hitting his mother, and then needing to be restrained by Police. Sounds like 15+. Probably one of those kids who is bipolar, with tourettes syndrome and was put in front of a video game to keep them happy.....which worked out nicely :-}

Quickstrike4864d ago

we all have thoughts about punching pepole, hell even i have thoughts aobut punching my mother but you are the 1st to actualy do it. I think this kid shoud've turned the 360 off and go to bed where he could dream about shooting his parrents. Then get up, play Halo and pretend the aliens he is shooting is his parrents problem solved.

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kss4867d ago

dude punching your mom is not cool

4867d ago
sak5004866d ago

Its cool when you're 1-2 years old..THey love it

SoulKillah4867d ago

Punching your mom is just an example why most kids are idiots these days...I bet he was one of those ****screaming 12 year olds that you see in Halo3's online...

ShiftyLookingCow4867d ago

it wouldnt be surprise at all, actually reading the news its likely he is just that

Torch4867d ago

he's a prominent member of this website.


fury4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

I bet his name starts with "M" and ends with "t"

Daxx4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

I hope his mom beat his ass red.

That's what good parents do. A good spanking does a lot for disobediant child.

Edit: OMG, the parents called the Sheriff’s Office. What wusses!

I know they didn't reveal the age of the child. For all we know he might be a teenager. But I'm assuming he's 9 years old.

gamesblow4867d ago

I'd knock that little SH*T DIPPER right the pluck out... I'd send his ass to Microsofts repair center and cross my fingers they give me back a working son. That's what I'd do... cause it seems this one Red Ringed on the parents.