Call of Duty 4's Grant Collier Interview

At a recent showing of Activision and Infinity Ward's production of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, TeamXbox sat down and interviewed Grant Collier, Infinity Ward's president, about the game coming to a close from a development standpoint. The chat gave us a chance to get a full assessment of how he felt the title's construction worked out, as well as some views on the public multiplayer beta test and a bit about what he feels are the key features the developer put into the game. He also offers his perspective on one of the more innovative aspects in the game, the RPG-like leveling system that's in the multiplayer component.

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royalracoon5700d ago

I’m a hard-core gamer, I play the game on Veteran, and it takes me probably about twenty hours to get through that on Veteran.

Does this mean it take HIM 20 hours to get through in Vet? Awesome if it is.

Also, there is that level 65 speak again. Was this interview done before it was announced only 55 levels?