Gaming vest simulates the hits you take in CGI.

Video game characters live in a three-dimensional world, but gamers have only been able to experience two dimensions... until now. The 3rdSpace Vest from TN Games takes gameplay beyond sight and sound, creating spatial awareness of the world your characters inhabit. Unlike traditional force feedback devices that rumble or buzz, the 3rdSpace Vest gives you precise impact where it happens, as it happens. Get pounded with body slams, crushed with G-forces, and blasted with bullet fire.

It could add to the whole general excitement. Combined with a lightgun, you could get a whole-body workout with the ducking and diving. And with two, you could hurt your mate in a multi-player show-off. Wouldn't that be nice.

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ironwolf4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

two or three weeks ago. Folks should check a little closer.

Xwow4867d ago

i hope in the future ps3 games to support this gaming vest .

Owner360-PS34867d ago

This site has a sh!tty tracking sites feature,why so many repeat story's ? Like #1 said,this is the 3rd time this story has been posted in 3-4 weeks.