Metal Gear Solid 4 still coming to Japan Q1 2008

gamespot writes
"According to Japanese- and English-language press releases on the Konami Web site, the game will now be coming to Japan in the first quarter of 2008, and to other regions in the second quarter. The game had initially been due for a simultaneous worldwide pre-Christmas release exclusively for Sony's PlayStation 3 console. However, at the E3 Media & Business Summit in July, Konami admitted that the game would not arrive in 2007 as originally planned."

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sonarus4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

so much fot world wide release. F'in 360 loosers hating on mgs cus they dnt get it, then they hate on it cus it got delayed pity they cudnt do the world wide release would have really helped to build the hype for the game

HeartlesskizZ4870d ago

for the first time im very disappointed of Hideo Kojima and his team.
im sure theres a huge reason to put snake on the waiting list but they should have never mention a date of release. just 08 would have been good enough for everyone. devs and gamers. now im sad. =(

sonarus4870d ago

to be honest am glad it got moved to june. dat way i can settle dwn and play it with less sh1t to be done. For the week am playing mgs i prob wnt go out dat whole week jst lock ma self up and enjoy

IdontTakeSides4870d ago

what's the prob..??'t we all know weren't getting it in 07..having to wait an extra month in 08 won't kill yah guys.....I want this game just as bad..but we're getting so many grat games b4 why are we complainig..??

jay24870d ago

This taking the f'ing p**S, why the hell can't the do a same day release, as a UK customer i feal kicked in the pants YET AGAIN!

Cartesian3D4870d ago

I WILL LEARN JAPANEASE LANGUAGE .. I want to play it as soon as possible..

HeartlesskizZ4870d ago

hahahaha OMG great comment =) I would also learn jp if it takes that to have the game =)

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