Blu-ray Advertising for PS3 to be 'Much More Aggressive' this Holiday

Victor Matsuda, VP of Sony's Blu-ray Disc Group, tells GameDaily BIZ that the PS3 has played a key role in the format's momentum and this holiday will be huge.

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jiggyjay4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Well with no EXCLUSVIE MUST HAVE GAMES to really play(Ratchet is a good game but is not a must have game, unless you already own a PS3 of course )the only thing to brag about the PS3 is how its a cheap blu ray player!

edit- I know how you Sony Fanboys feel. I actually feel sorry for you guys. After what Sony was saying and the promises they made before the PS3 launch it was easy to justify spending $600 on a console. A year later that $600 console is now worth $400 and have now realized you were duped into buying a next gen DVD player instead! So now you have built up a shield and are not accepting the truth. I'm sorry but I'm just the messenger. Its okay guys its okay to accept the truth! The truth will release you!

season0074870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

americans like FPS and japanese don't
japanese like anime and americans don't

hmm i am not shmee nor nasim, but the point is
even if its FPS there are still americans who don't like it and vice versa

face it , and what is the standard of must have?
reviews of 90+ doesn't make a game must have if you don't like its genre

edit: 1.3, bubble for you =)

shmee4870d ago

Uncharted and Ratchet are better than anything on x360

BTW x360 has nothing

Gears and Bioshock are on PC too so why it for Halo 3 at 640p

atleast learn trolling

Jamaicangmr4870d ago

Thats the best you could do? Clearly you've reached your mental limitations. I seriously hope one day you actually take your fanboy hat, scarf, spagetti strap, hip huggers and pumps off and really sit down infront of a PS3. Only then will you truly appreciate the console in it's entirety. The PS3 does so much more than play blu-ray movies but you already knew that your just bitter for reasons beyond simple logic.

I wont even bother with the no good exclusive stupidness because i know you know better.

C_SoL4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

people please, shut this user up....this guy thinks hes the COSTA NOSTRA...

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dragonZ284870d ago

It will be huge... for HD DVD with their $98, $170, and $198 HD DVD layers with 5 free movies, and movies costing $15 each. Goodbye Blu-Ray. Nice knowing you.

shmee4870d ago

HD DVD is already dead in EU and JAPAN

SPidey 3 is sold out all over. Just wait for the official figures to be released.

in NA BD has consisitently beaten HD DVD 2:1.ecpect that to become 3/4/9:1 with Spidey,cars and Pirates 3

Snukadaman4870d ago

are you kidding....thats suppose too be sonys big deal for the holidays...there is no way in hell either blu-ray or regular dvds sell out.....theres plenty for everyone..roflmao...clown shoes.

season0074870d ago

i am wondering why the sales of spidey 3 isn't out..o well maybe it doesn't sell too good=/

WAR_MACHINE774870d ago

it only came out tuesday. you'll have to wait untill at least next week for sales numbers.

solidt124870d ago

Blu-Ray FTW HD-DVD is being given away now.

Snukadaman4870d ago

Man some of you people are just idiots and im convinced that your smoking some clinical zealots are all high.

Bolts4870d ago

If the HD-DVD player isn't a piece of crap, which at that price it surely must be, then I'll buy it in a heart beat. Now I can watch all those great Bluray movies on my PS3 and still be able to watch Transformer on my cheap HDDVD player. Thats a lot cheaper than buying one of those LG dual format player for a grand.

Only a stupid fanboy would react negatively to this news.

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The story is too old to be commented.