Uncharted - Massive Attack Trailer

Gametrailers states "Highlighting some of the game's finished environments and teasing just a little more of the story, Nathan Drake's adventure is shipping to stores a full day early in the US." Check out this highly impressive trailer!

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Little King4868d ago

This game has to look beautiful to everyone and in my opinion will definitely move countless ps3 off store shelves this holiday season and beyond.

wil4hire4868d ago

Especially the expression he makes after saying how many pounds that thing weighs..

like "sheesh.."

power of Green 4868d ago

Are you kidding?. Hope so...

Little King4868d ago

P O G I'm dead serious and why would you think I would be kidding? Oh yea thanks for my first disagree i'm sure it wont be my last

mighty_douche4868d ago

lol xbox section is one over! sure theres some new halo reviews or something... maybe a few CoD4 screenshots in 720p.


Bathyj4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )


Look at Green with Envy, stewing in his own juices.

Piss off loser, and no I'm not kidding.

techie4868d ago

What the f**k is your problem POG? If the most ardent Xbox fan can see how incredible this game looks. Just go away, it really is embarrassing.

rushbd4868d ago

what's your problem? what are you doing in this section anyway. Feeling the urge to buy a PS3 ?? Too much appeal to avoid ?? Mart admitted it . I don't know what else it would be. Unless all you like to do is to make an a$$ out of yourself. I know I dont go somewhere that doesnt contain anything of my interest and needs. Try to find a single post of mine that isn't on PS3 or multiplatform sections.

last time i checked Uncharted is a PS3 exclusive and will always remain one.

fury4868d ago xbots like you still have 5 bubbles. 90% of your contributions are utterly retarded crap just like FirstknighT and the other ones. But still 5 bubbles? My mind rejects this paradoxon

Antan4868d ago

"Are you kidding?. Hope so..."

POG, don`t you usually attack any PS3 fans when they post in the 360 section? showing your true colours now huh? haha. Your dummy just fell out AGAIN. You moaning little turd, you are the biggest baby on N4G bar none!! You cry in practically every post. If ANYONE has a 360/game opinion you disagree with, you start calling them PS3 fanboys! Grow up son, grow some bollox, and hope they drop sometime soon. You got real serious issues fella, deep.......serious....embedded issues!

"Mart admitted it"

Mart and POG are a million miles apart!! Mart is nowhere near as bad as alot of people on here think! I guess ill take flak for saying it but when talking private, he`s a really good guy.

techie4868d ago

Antan...did you have to use my name in a post about POG? lol

Kleptic4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

this is funny...

look how many bubbles most of the people have that think POG is an idiot...I have never seen so many 7+ bubbled dudes come out to truely shut someone up...when he does get back-up from his fanatical army of retardom, they have less credibility than him...

wrong thread POG...its quite obvious that your illogical fanboyism isn't welcome here...there are way too many smart people lurking in this shadow...keep moving...

Irving4867d ago

lol POG got owned by bubbles, :D

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Hapimeses4868d ago

Well, the more I see this, the more I want it. Another successful trailer as far as I'm concerned. I'm eagerly anticipating this one.


Big Jim4868d ago

Strange, some parts of this trailer look f-ing incredible, and some parts don't look that great. The fire, the water and some of the shadowed areas don't look too good, but the rest looks awesome. Overall I think it looks great, better than gears of war.

AllanWakker4868d ago

"Overall I think it looks great, better than gears of war"

That is hilarious! You are actually using Gears of War on the 360 as some sort of graphical benchmark???


Kleptic4867d ago

not sure what water you are looking at...but it looks good to me...and the fire? has some of the most impressive explosions of any game to date...

explosions?...check this out...

and the water?...this real time cut scene shows it off well...


Baba19064868d ago

uncharted is so amazing. im so impressed. icould watch this trailer 100 times. cant wait for this piece of gold. i hope the gameplay is as great as it looks. but what i have seen from the newer shots and videos it sure does promise a lot. Give me the demo. =D

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The story is too old to be commented.