Battlefield 3 classes explained

PSM3 magazine provides and excellent explanation of the classes in Battlefield 3, coupled with a great graphic of the different soldiers in BF3.

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Dart893744d ago

Medic player right here:D.

I_find_it_funny3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I play all classes, whoever's needed at that moment but medic and engineer are my favourites, Recon least I think as I prefer to be on the front line all the time.

see you there, on the front line

cant wait to see PSM3 scans

captain-obvious3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

i dont have a specified class or a fixed load out to go by

i choose based on the map/situation/tactics im going to use and what side im on (in Rush)

but i have to admit i rarely go with the midc
but i do sometimes

most of the times i go engi tho

Wenis3743d ago

Hooray! the sniper doesn't have that stupid wookie suit anymore.

Eiffel3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I can't stand the RECON class, not because it's snipers, but the fact that I've seen an entire team of RECON way too often in Bad Company 2 and 90% of the time they're selfish players who ignore A and B objectives while fighting over the one guy running through a flat area, parking their ass at base purely for a high K/D ratio, it's just sad. I wish DICE would knock RECON down a peg or two. It just shows players lack variety. Experiment with different classes.

TheBand1t3743d ago

Engineer or Medic for me. Mostly engineer

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Cyrax_873744d ago

Engineer here, someone has to take out those tanks.

PRHB HYBRiiD3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

that's me :D i would LOVE to have a nice and organized team everyone with one different class and playing the game the way its supposed to be played my buddies just play the game to get trophies or just to get a high k/d ratio :/ its so hard to find people that play with headsets and talking and communicating ...

jaredhart3744d ago

OOOOH YEEAAH! Battlefield 3 looks like it will be the Pinnacle of Performance...much like the Macho Man!

2fk3744d ago

i love em all cant wait for the beta!

coolboy2213744d ago

The wait for this game, I WANT IT NOW

Rearden3744d ago

Only 120 days or so left :)

Nitrowolf23744d ago

That's to long of a wait.

CommonSense3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

lotta gaming to do in the mean time.

i don't wanna be one of those people that give their list...but off the top of my head i can think of UC3 beta in july, deus ex in august, resistance 3 and rage in september (and from dust maybe), and that should bring us right into the bf3 beta.

guess the point is, plenty to keep us busy in the mean time.

Danielmccue3744d ago

Anyone know when the Beta for medal of honour owners starts?

Rearden3744d ago

Beta starts in September. I think MoH owners are the first to get access.

Tapioca Cold3744d ago

COD'ers stop coming over and getting on the Battlefield bandwagon!!! Your ruining my BFBC2 experience. All you do is camp and recon. You're useless to the team. GTFO!!!


Stop ruining my game. Go play Black flops and MW2!

It's not about Kill/death ratio! it's about the team and the win.

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The story is too old to be commented.