[H]ard|OCP: Intel's New 45nm Yorkfield QX9650

Intel marches forward with another groundbreaking processor. Four cores of 45nm goodness. At this rate, you have to wonder whether or not desktop software and AMD will ever catch up. How good does it overclock? All signs point to, "Wow!"

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mighty_douche4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

still, you wont see me spending £700 on a CPU anytime soon.

EDIT: exactly Darth, or do what one of my friends did, he bought a Q6600 and a water cooling kit and manged to overclock it from 2.4 to 3.6 and its completely stable. mines running at 2.79 (Q6600) and to be honest ive never see it use more than 70% so is there really a need for these super high end CPU's?

ShiftyLookingCow4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

agreed. esp when yorkfield is such a good overclocker. It should be easy to overclock Q9450($316) from 2.66 to 3GHz.

edit: yeah unless you are into stuff like video editing, this is an overkill for most(including me when I am not playing).

Genki4875d ago

I'm familiar enough with all of the main components, but I've never built a PC before and am interested in overclocking in order to prolong the usefulness of my future machine.

I guess I should wait for this or the Phenom, whichever is better.

mighty_douche4875d ago

all i can say is READ as much as you can. overclocking is not something to be taken lightly by a new comer (dont wanna call you a noob). also, these super high end CPUs arent needed for 99% of users, especailly if you want it mainly for games.

but once again, please READ READ READ, you dont wanna melt that new $300 cpu and void its warrenty!

Genki4875d ago

I read Maximum PC every so often, but definitely not often enough. I'll want it mainly for games, but I'm not planning on building a rig for another year or so, maybe longer because of the possibility of traveling with my job.

Antan4875d ago

This is the processor im waiting for. Money at the ready what ever the cost, but not for games, though im sure Crysis will be "tested"! hehe. Ibe been following this for a while now, just waiting for the UK prices and guessing around the 700 pounds mark, but could be more i guess.

iceman29294874d ago

ive been saving for a few years to buy a new pc and im gonna put this beast in it, planning on overclocking it to 3.66GHz Aircooled ( no need for water until 4 GHz on this !) um and genki, i really dont think that phenom is gonna beat this thing, there is a reason why they keep delaying it!

deadeyes994873d ago

guna steal this processor 4 sure