COD4 PS3 Screenshots

Here are some new screenshots taken from a retail version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the PlayStation 3.

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macsto4870d ago

This looks terrible...

whats wrong with the textures?!

IdontTakeSides4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

whats wrong with ur eyes..?? looks good to me..and it's a photo of the game in's not gonna capture how the game really looks when ur actually playing it..!!

shmee4870d ago

you clearly heard from GAMEDAILY that ps3 version of COD4 is better in all respects that the x360 version

and yet u argue

AllanWakker4870d ago

"Infinity Ward personally assured us that development occurred simultaneously on all three platforms, and that there wasn't a base system. With that said, the console similarities end when it comes to textures, lighting and resolutions, because those three areas make the PlayStation 3 version definitely excel over the Xbox 360 SKU. "

Watch the Xbots make fools of themselves once again...

Bladestar4870d ago

@AllanWakker - no need to try to prounce the PS3 version as the best version of them all...and the xbox 360 as a piece of crap... only a few days more.. and the internet will explote with video/pictures comparing the PS3 and the xbox 360 version... pray this game is in on every way... better than the xbox 360 version... no more "it's a port"... this game should be an obvious indication of the PS3 superiority over the xbox 360.. I mean by a mile....
reviews... mmmm... I can smell the fire... WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SlappyMcTaint4869d ago

It's called a moire, you idiot. It comes from taking pics of tv's where the camera is at one resolution and tv is another -it has nothing to do with how the game looks -it's two devices with mixing dot patterns creating a third moire pattern.

Think before you open your mouth and bash something you know nothing about, Xbot!! Your fear of the PS3 finally catching up is showing with comments like that....

Leg-End4869d ago

i was wondering the same thing with ya mam's foreskin last night.

soccerluv4869d ago

Could someone please post links to all the websites beside gamedaily that wrote that the PS3 version is superior in all aspects?

xplosneer4869d ago

tonight we dine in.....WHAT? A NUCLEAR BOMB? ****!

Jinxstar4869d ago

I would say 2nd and 3rd for each popup. IMO Gears marked 2nd gen for 360 and Halo 3 3rd gen. I think HS was the last 1st Gen game for PS3... I dunno if there is an actual listing somewhere that breaks it down but thats a good "Best guess" by me.

I have no Idea for Infinity Ward. 1st for PS3 and... Wasn't COD3 Published by someother group? Activision maybe? I have no idea. Could be first Infin ward release for each console... However the consoles Gens are varied I am sure... Thats a very good question...

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Proxy4870d ago

We will eventually have the COD4 PS3 vs 360 comparison. Wow, that will be HOT!

Ri0tSquad4870d ago

should be an interesting flamewar!

Kaneda4870d ago

Da war will never end...

xbots will think 360 version is better...Sonyfanboys will disagree...

sonyfanboys will think PS3 version is better...xbots will disagree...

nintendogs think wiisports still fun to play...

Da war will never end...

popup4869d ago

What gen game is this for infinity ward for each the PS3 and 360?

Blitzed4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I am so pumped for this game! I'm so gald they went the way of modern warfare. I wasn't about to pay $60 to shoot another German.

GIJeff4869d ago

i just had the vision of seeing a german standing in a booth at a fair or carnival.. "60 bucks! shoot a german! 60 bucks! Shoot a german! win a stuffed animal!"


oglowke4870d ago

lol...some ppl are really make me laugh out loud.....did that ^^^ guy really ask whats wrong with the textures? i dont understand the logic in comming to the ps3 forums to type bs?.....i dont even click the 360 or wii links......y?....because i simply dont own those systems so i can care less

Foliage4870d ago

It's called an inferiority complex.