Manhunt 2 Comparison Video

Comparison video between uncut, original and retail version of Manhunt 2. Warning: Extreme violence within.

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Dublin_Chewah4870d ago

When has you ever seen executions like that in a film thats not easily obtained. I hate to be a stickler but it should be Adults only. Never banned as that will make it more a cult but definately not availible to kids.

I find GTA funny but this is sick to release this to the public in any form. I know video games dont make people do bad thinks but they certainly desensitise the general public. I don't want to grow old in a world where this would be acceptable and thats eventually what will happen.

Lift the ban, push a rating to be kept for adults only. I am sure there are plenty of adults that would like this game but keep it for adults eh!?!

Nuclearwinter4870d ago

yeah, if only any of the console makers would let an AO game on their systems, or any retailer an AO game on their shelves. an AO is a ban.

TheMART4870d ago

So why should this be banned (I say only make it available to adults)

When there are movies that have waaaaaay worse material, look real (the PS2 graphics aren't so photo realistic that you would see it as a video/movie/real life), those movies aren't a problem but games are... Strange

Witty Comment4870d ago

has to do with just watching what's happening displayed artistically vs. perceiving yourself as the one committing the action via a virtual experience. Those two things are very different beasts.

I don't think it should be AO. That would only place a burden on the company producing the game; rather it should be the retailers duty to enforce the "M" rating standard of carding -which honestly wouldn't matter in most videogames, but on this one it ought to- to prevent it from getting into a childs hands.