Video Preview of Uncharted Demo

Geekpulp has put together a video preview of the upcoming Uncharted demo for the PS3. It includes part of the cutscene and also a few minutes of gameplay. "If you have a PS3, this title is a must have"

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remix4868d ago

battle shi* im always coming on the computer to see what people are talking about and then i get ambushed by stuff like this. it ruins gaming for me and i cant resist. WHAT DO THEY SHOW IN THE VIDEO PREVIEW?

IdontTakeSides4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Sweet Video....seriously can't wait to get this game...the great gaming era of the PS3 has officially begun..

sonarus4868d ago

All it needs are solid reviews and it very well will be a system seller. The thing he said about the explosions were understandable though i think its jst d art style though.

jackdoe4868d ago

Nice to learn that we're getting the demo with the level from E3 on PSN.

doomsonyman4868d ago

that was a nice preview for the demo. great to see the final product coming along so well. sony is geting closer and closer to dominating this industry again. especily with those new ads, were gonna be on top for a long time to come

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The story is too old to be commented.