GTA IV Graffiti Ad Completed

It's been a staple of the series - massive graffiti advertisements and Grand Theft Auto simply fit hand in hand. Grand Theft Auto IV has just received the royal treatment, with the latest massive Grand Theft Auto advertisement completed.

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Foliage4875d ago

I threw in an alternative source. I was going to post it a while ago, but other things came up.

I must say that the complete unveiling wasn't as surprising as I thought it would be. The cover art shown a few days back sort of spoiled it.

Coffin874875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

how i love rockstar...

this is the best ad i've ever seen. it's like r* bought this wall to do with it whatever they want.
i just love this. it's soo eye-catching, and it's probably the best game of 08, and everyone just waits for it and this poster is soo damn teasing ...

i just love it. xD

va_bank4875d ago

This was done about a month ago...