How Microsoft is Killing Gaming with Sinister SEO Practices

NAGF: "Never heard of SEO? We used to work in it for a living, and let us tell you, it can be a horrible mistress at the best of times. Standing for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, SEO is the practice of optimising various aspects of your website so it appears higher up search results for certain search terms on engines like Google and Bing.

"Sounds horrible and corporate? It can be depending on which agency you use and how you do it, but from our experience there is little creativity in what is fast becoming the world’s most prominent advertising medium.

"But anyway, that was the past. We took some good marketing lessons from SEO and moved on, hoping we’d seen the back of it. Until Microsoft threatened to invade every house on the planet with its filthiness via Kinect. Don’t understand? Allow us to explain…"

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rebirthofcaos3036d ago

well, interesting article, but nothing new.

Godmars2903035d ago

This is why XBL is being integrated into the next version of Windows. Your 360 will be able to talk to your PC and mobile devices, provided they have Windows OS in them, while Bing becomes a default search engine putting it on par with Google.

None of which is really evil per say, just very manipulative.

Urrakia343035d ago

How exactly is any of that "sinister"?

Jocosta3035d ago

To many people MS is the definition of "sinister". It is just the continued rhetoric and fallacies of the ignorant, angry fanboys.

falout3035d ago

Oohhh..... That's why this place is the way it is.

saladthieves3035d ago

It's true. There's lots of cash in advertising. Microsoft will do anything to get there.

southernbanana3035d ago

If Microsoft really is one of the most sinister corporations I'd hate to see what practices corporations follow that didn't make it on this years most ethical company list.......

BeastlyRig3035d ago

Forget seo's!! Have you seen kinect hardcore is dying on that platform..

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The story is too old to be commented.