Playstation Home Hits the Studio and Goes Overboard

June 23 marks the spot when Def Jam Rapstar, Lockwood Publishing, and more make their way into your home. Your Playstation Home that is.

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honestpizza2920d ago

Does anyone even use Home anymore? I thought it was still in beta mode.

t0mmyb0y2920d ago

Always people on it. It is still in beta though lol

GregoryAllen2920d ago

Now I can show off my (absolutely no) musical talent to all my (soon to be non existent) friends!

Sarobi2920d ago

I haven't logged onto Home for about three months, i guess i'll check it out later

NyGiants72920d ago

I deleted Home awhile ago to make room on my ps3. I think Home is completely boring and has long ass load times.

Redempteur2920d ago

it has changed since then ..

NyGiants72920d ago

I go back to it like every 4 months or something like that and it's always the same, plus almost everybody on there is either trying to get a fake girlfriend or some shit or just standing there holding the psp on the pause menu.

Redempteur2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

/facepalm ...

first the long ass load times are gone,
second it's freaking easy to find something to do in home.
Third it has been proved in Several event ( co-op or not ) that if you talk to people in home normally , they will answer normally ..and in most case don't hésitate to help .

Be it sodium one, Xi , aurora , or sony events ( move event for example) or countless others ones i've played , i've find many players and people willing to help /or play ..the problem here is not HOME but you being unable to socialize enough.

I dunno , check alphazone or the sony foroms.. getting into the home community is easy and simple .. i suspect that you're going every x months, and don't TRY and of course it's home's fault not you. you probably didn't even try to get into Home events . i mean there was a time where people were lining up for street fighter tournament , resistance matches in HOME ... that's how diverse the community is ..
as for myself have found several very good burnout paradise players ..

there is always something to do in HOME try it ( FOR REAL this time)

user83971442920d ago

Theater was packed during Sony's conference.

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The story is too old to be commented.