Importer Warns Of DualShock 3 Import Price Gouging

New York-based importer National Console Support warns customers today that getting their hands on a Japanese version of the DualShock 3 might be tricky. It writes in its semi-daily news updates that offers from one overseas distributor has the following requirement: "In order to obtain 1 Dual Shock 3, we also have to buy 1 PlayStation 3 40GB console." That's a hefty tax.

NCSX urges caution to rumble-hungry games, warning them to wait until stock levels off or distributors offer more sane pricing schemes.

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Bonsai12144871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

i'm still waiting for sony to announce a trade in system... though i doubt one will come though :-(

yeah, i can live without rumble too, but if they introduce the feature and phase out the sixaxis, eventually i'll want the new one, you know?

wow, what the heck is there to disagree with. do you NOT want a trade in system where you can swap a sixaxis for a DS3? would that not be a good thing? learn to read the f*cking post before you disagree with it.

xhi44871d ago

I highly doubt Sony would introduce a trad-in scheme to be honest, however some game shops may, such as EB Games and such. However, you'd still have to pay for a fair ammount.

I mean I'd want at least one of the super light controllers around for home media entertainment purposes.

ATLRoAcH4871d ago

So surely I can wait till spring.I've got games to buy right now anyway.

Primetimebt4871d ago

I preorder one off of ebay a week ago $69 with S/h. I just can't go another game "uncharted" without the feel of rumble.

jackdoe4871d ago

I'll wait. $69 for a controller is extremely steep and that money would be better spent this winter on the large number of games coming out.

PirateThom4871d ago

I ordered mine with shipping for a few pounds more than a regular SIXAXIS.

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The story is too old to be commented.