Hands-On Near Finished Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed has garnered a mixed bag of attention ever since its first trailer debuted at the Tokyo Game Show 2005 in the PlayStation 3 booth. Known simply as Project Assassins, nothing much was known about the game except that it was coming from the Prince of Persia team.

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MK_Red4865d ago

That's one crazy screen. The background and the detail in the city are sickening. Can't wait.

Jdash244865d ago

you and me are in the same boat MK_Red.......the 13th cant come fast enough

MK_Red4865d ago

Glad to hear that :)
It can't come soon enough.

MK_Red4865d ago

Thanks for the comment and posting the news :)

ATLRoAcH4865d ago

This game will be great.I pre-ordered the limited edition in August and I've been impatiently waiting since.This and GTA IV are the two games I feel will define "next-gen" in terms of interactivity.

ParaDise_LosT4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

I wonder how they Feel now >:)

This game will ROCK!!!
This and Mass Effect will thoroughly destroy my social life....
They are both long games xD

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But, you know, I don't give a damn,

This is a day one purchase for me, And I too, am tossing and turning w/anticipation for this game.

Come on 13th !

ThaGeNeCySt4864d ago

wtf @ dialogue with the person u kill

micro_invader4864d ago

why can't they give the leader a real name? Al mualim = 'the teacher'...strange