New PS3 TV Ad Campaign

We're kicking off the campaign in a big way with high-impact: 60 second spots ("Universe of Entertainment") which feature PS3's multi-functional capabilities and really kicks off the compelling and addictive nature of this campaign.

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aaquib54875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

That is an incredible ad! If I didn't already own a PS3, this trailer alone would rush me out to buy one. Dam, I can just keep watching it over and over. The music is extremely catchy as well. "DO YOU WANT IT? DO YOU NEED IT? LET ME HEAR IT!!!!!"

unlimited4875d ago

as well as upcoming third-party exclusives such as Haze from Ubisoft and Metal Gear Solid 4 from Konami. I recall seeing some comments on this blog recently lamenting why we weren’t making a bigger deal out of Metal Gear. Well, get ready for a steady diet, because Metal Gear Solid is the mother of all exclusives and we can’t wait for its release.

we have some secrets and many new games up our sleeves for 2008 as well. We can’t wait to kick it all off!

awesome..2008 will be the greatest for sony..

rofldings4875d ago


thank god the days of baby doll/white room commercials are over! The reign of the PS3 begins.

ruibing4875d ago

Hands down the most exciting and catchy ad I've see for any console as of yet. I think Sony's PR department finally turned a corner.

rofldings4875d ago

lol. Yeah man, I saw the PS3 in a white background and I was like, "oh no... not again" and then the music started playing and I just had a maximum orgasm. :)

xhi44875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Sorry you're all right.

This ad just made me wet. Props to them on this one, this is one damn fine sexy beast of an ad, it pumps you up! Emotionally engages you! And leaves you wanting more! Must have spent top dollar on this little beauty. The gosh how awesome was the music!

Anyway, it's a good time to get one I guess. I'm personally really happy about all these first party and a few third party exclusives as well as the multi platform games.

I feel like listing them so let me...cause i'm crazy.

Ratchet And Clank

Uncharted Drakes Fortune

Eight Days

War Devil

Little Big Planet

Heavenly Sword

Lair (yuk)



Tekken 6


Resistance 2 (next year....for those that don't know, yes it's true :D!!!)

White Knight

Final Fantasy XII (or whatever)


Afrika (what the hell aye haha)

Gran Turismo 5

Killzone 2

The Getaway 3



God of War 3 (probably not next year, maybe late next year or 2009, but they are hard at work on it, which is always nice to know :P)

And that's all I can think off the top of my head, I'm sure there are some missing but yeah it's always nice to know :P Can't wait till they reveal the other black onyx themed ads!

stunt2134875d ago

Wow, that is a really good ad, it makes me to wnat to buy ps3 again

Kulupoo4875d ago

My 3 reactions to the AD O.O >.> T.T
Now sony got some good ads now... white room and this is living commercial sucks compare to this one.

VendettaWFT4874d ago

See this is something an average person can look at and say "wow, that looks amazing". I am a firm believer that advertising is the biggest draw for consumers, cause like most of you would love to believe that everyone knows everything behind gaming...only about 15% of game owners use these forums or websites to keep up news in the gaming industry. The rest go on word of mouth or commercials like these. Now I'll throw in my quick 2 cents.
1) This beats the hell outta of those often confusing white room commercials they had be previously using. The shift of focus to commercials like these that show "actual" gameplay and ones like Ratchet and Clank (which uses a catchy toon and cool FMV)is important.
2) Sony should take a note from MSft and advertise like them, because I don't care what you say...nothing beats the commercial from Gears of War from a year ago. I know many people who had no idea what the hell an XBOX was, but wanted it solely based on that commercial.
3) They should advertise games more than Blu-Ray, and also advertise the benefits of PS3 like free online(though it is a bit more shallower than the LIVE online package)

Other than those moot points, this is a great advet to grab attention to people

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timmyp534875d ago

I think Sony should use more songs like the one in the Ratchet and Clank Ad.

wil4hire4875d ago

Great ad..

Now where is home?`

Real gamer 4 life4875d ago

Wow that add was incredibly sweet is WAY! better then the white room. Good job Sony!!! you finaly makin the right moves.

"And rest assured, we have some secrets and many new games up our sleeves for 2008 as well. We can’t wait to kick it all off!"

I wanna know now sony. what secret game you guys have for the ps3, You guys arent fair you holding back on us.

Salvadore4875d ago

Why did they showcase Home in the ad, isn't it due next year?

smirx4875d ago

yeah, along with GT5. Shoulda showed more Drake & Haze. I sincerely hope they rotate songs each time the commercial airs. For one, I hate that song, and 2. it already started getting on my nerves the second time I watched it! Oh well, doesn't matter since I don't get cable.

masterg4875d ago

Home public beta for everyone is this year.
Official release is next year.