Is Rumble to Blame for Metal Gear Solid 4's Delay

Following the news that Metal Gear Solid 4 has been delayed, Gameplayer has explored the possibly reasons as to why - could it be the want to include rumble support?

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Young Capwn4871d ago

We know why, they want the PS3 install base to increase, and possible tweaks.

And no, there wont be a xbox version untill xbox 720 comes out.

Bladestar4871d ago

I usually disagree with 100% of the things you say... but this time i agree... well.. 40% of it... "We know why, they want the PS3 install base to increase".. the rest if fanboy stuff... but hey.. that's an improvement.

ruibing4871d ago

I don't think its rumble. I believe they are seeing how PS3 games are being rated down for their multiplayer aspects the most, so they are making sure MGS4 and MGS Online goes lives at the same time and complement each other perfectly. They want to be THE system seller and aren't going to take any chances.

BrianC62344870d ago

No way is rumble support the reason for a short delay. Konami has had plenty of time already to add the rumble support. The only reason for the delay is Kojima needs a little more time to make the game how he wants it. MGS4 is one game that needs to be given as much time as needed. Why does it matter if it comes out in the winter or spring? It will be out eventually.

toughNAME4871d ago

Who releases a big game in April?

My money's on this game being push back to the fall

GodofPeace4871d ago

it could be they just want more time to make sure they're going to make a great game and try to accomplish all they can? I highly doubt its rumble is the issue.

DrPirate4871d ago

I don't care. This is the last iteration of Metal Gear, let it be sent off with dignity and honor, and being the best any of the series has to offer.

Real gamer 4 life4871d ago

they probably wanna make the games as close to perfect guys. they wanna make sure the game delivers and it lives up to the hype.

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The story is too old to be commented.