6/10 for Ratchet & Clank PS3, 9/10 for Super Mario Galaxy among GamesTM Scores

Scores from the British gaming magazine GameTM:


Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction - 6
Pixeljunk Racers - 8


Orange Box - 9
Timeshift - 5
Thrillville - 7
Tony Hawks Proving Ground - 7
Smackdown vs RAW 2008 - 6
Ace Combat 6 - 7
FIFA 08 - 8
Pro Evo 2008 - 7
Jericho - 5
Conan - 6

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MK_Red4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

OK, they've officially beaten GameSpot and EDGE in retardness. PixelJunk Races getting better score than Ratchet!!
At least they think like GameSpot and give same score to both Conan and Ratchet. Idiots.

British gamers are among the best and they deserve a much better magazine than this.

shmee4869d ago

some mags dont even know what they are doing

Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction - 6
Pixeljunk Racers - 8

Pixeljunk > Ratchet???????????????


TnS4869d ago

I can't understand why people care so much with review scores. ;)

MK_Red4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

TnS, I understand what you say but sadly some people only buy one or few magazines and their review is like law for them. Many GamesTM subscribers would see this review and without checking the net for better reviews (Many people don't even check the GameSpot let alone others) think the game (Ratchet here) is bad and won't buy it.

There is nothing more painfull to me than seeing a game Ratchet flop or sell few copies while likes of Wii Sports and Wii Play stay in the top 10 for months.

ShiftyLookingCow4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

edit: anyways I removed the link to that trap, its a little too cruel, esp when you try to close it. This review sucks major donkey balls and PS3 will do fine(funny right now the best thing I like about my PS3 is its BC)

The Brave 14869d ago

and people say theres not a conspiracy against the ps3

resistance1004869d ago

'British gamers are among the best and they deserve a much better magazine than this.'

Agreed we are the best, however there are far better magazines in the form of Edge. The Official magazines here (OPM, OXM and ONM) all done by same publisher and are all very well respected and tbh give unbised and honest reviews. Computerandvideo games are also a very reliable source for reviews and previews.

Snipes204869d ago

And another one goes,
And another one bites the dust...

Lair, then HS, now this.

Do they really hate Sony that much? Come on. I'm a Wii60 fan most of the time and I know Ratchet and Clank is better than a 6.

Maybe the magazine editors are angry that game companies don't release their top titles in Europe first...

Bathyj4869d ago

I hear what you're saying. After this year I'm beyond giving a rats arse what these "proffessional reviewers" think. More and more they seem to me like snobby food critques who dont allow themselves to be impressed by anything. Have you seen Ratatooie?

The reason some people still care about review scores is because I had some idiot the other day try to convince me R&C was a 7.5 game when it obviously isnt.

He'd forgotten already the perfect 10's, the many 9.5 and 9's and even the odd high 8. Suddenly in his mind the game was only a 7.5.

The force has a strong influence on the weak minded and unfortunately some people still take reviewers words as gospel. These reviewers need to realize how much power they are wielding and stop being so flippant with their scores.

You ever get the feeling some of these reviewers just want to stand out by being the ones who didn't give a good game a good score. Most people never heard of these people before, but I bet alot have gone out of their way to find out about them now. Its sad that when it comes to web site hits, popularity and notoriety are virtually the same thing. Just as long as that get that extra number on their counter it doesn't matter what they had to say to get you to click there.

ATLRoAcH4869d ago

They gave Pixel junk racers an 8 ans gave Ratchet a 6.These reviewers are dumb.

BrianC62344868d ago

I never pay attention to actual reviews in their magazines. They seem to have terrible taste when it comes to games they like. Pixeljunk Racer gets an 8 and R&C a 6? Wacky Brits.

QuackPot4868d ago

It's easy to spot the BIASED fanboy sites these day wrt R&C

Average critics score: 9+

Biased fanboy site: < 8

InMyOpinion4868d ago

Let's put this thing in perspective. Pretend you were a movie reviewer.

All of your friends tel you that you have to watch the movie 300. They say it's the best movie ever made and they know you will love it. So you start watching it and notice that it's a piece of "facist-art" with half-naked, bearded men screaming and fighting in slow motion(homo-erotic?) for 117 minutes. Ok, that's my opinion, if you enjoyed 300 then replace it with some other movie you did'nt like. Just an example.

Here's the deal. After you've watched the movie your supposed to write a review of it. Some of your friends might get upset if you give it a bad review. So what should you do?
Should you review the movie and write what you actually thought about it, or should you give in and become a puppet and write what your friends want to hear?

Now, would it be better if the reviewers at Gamespot and GameTM wrote what the majority wants to hear instead of writing what they actually thought about the game itself?

If you don't like their reviews, read someone elses. Go for IGN or something. Find one that you think has the same taste as yourself in games.

Or...we could force all reviewers to think alike. And why not make all politicians think alike as well. Let's create just one party. And let's call that party the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. lol!

DolphGB4868d ago

This review is probably more to do with not getting enough advertising revenue than the game itself. There's a lot of stuff in magazines that only gets printed because of the money that moves around.

When R&C is getting 9 and 10 out of 10 almost everywhere, getting a 6 just shows that magazine or website up as foolish.

This is also why we don't do 'reviews' or give scores at PS3 Attitude - we'd prefer to say how we felt about a game when we played it and let you make up your own mind.

pswi604868d ago

6 things that need changed NOW in game reviews

have a read...

commadore654868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

'Or...we could force all reviewers to think alike. And why not make all politicians think alike as well. Let's create just one party. And let's call that party the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.'

LOL! rare I actually laugh out loud at comments made on this site.

Reguarding reviews they are personal opinions. People should actually read the reviews though to find out what the reviewer says about a game.

If your interested enough to buy a game you'll want to find out more about it first, and the reasons that a reviewer has the opinion they have.

RelloC4868d ago

Very, very well said my friend. +Bubble.

gamesR4fun4868d ago

a solid game and the very best platformer ever made. No gamer could give this less than a decent score. So whos reviewing these over there? M$ execs?

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wil4hire4869d ago

6 means they just hate platforms.

shmee4869d ago

the graphics alone in R&C makes it get 9

socomnick4869d ago

I must be like gamestop then too because I played it and stopped playing it just ass fast. I spent more time on the 2nd folklore demo the 1st folklore demo sucked. 2nd one was pretty nice.

ruibing4869d ago

I find it hard to believe that you actually spent the time to play the game. What in the world were your criticisms after you played it? No multiplayer doesn't count.

forum_crawler4869d ago

Graphics alone make it worth a nine?

What if the game was about picking your nose? would perfect photorealism make it worth 9/10? I don't think so.

DolphGB4868d ago

I'd actually pay good money (well, £1.99 at least) for a photo-realistic nose picking game. It's a much underused genre in my opinion.

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MK_Red4869d ago

The funny thing is that they say they gave 6 to Ratchet because of the lack of innovation. If that's the case then Tony Hawk's PG should have gotten 1/10 or 0/10.

Table Tennis Wii getting 8/10, only one behind Mario Galaxy!?

SofaKingReetodded4869d ago

the same as Ace combat tells you ALLLLL you need to know about these hacks.

forum_crawler4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Is it possible that it plays just like the first one did? If it does, then it offers very little in the way of innovation. Graphics alone don't account for innovation since every other game is pushing the polygon count and what not on the PS3.

I'm NOT picking up fights, I'm just pointing out why they might say what they say...

lonestarmt4868d ago

thats meaningless. It does play like that first couple of games, its more like a love song to those type of games. It playing like the last ones is a mute point. A game doesn't have to be completely different to be leaps and bonds better. Just more refined. Better story, better gameplay. Its damn right stupid, look at halo 3 its the game just with what? new story, and better gameplay supposedly( beaten all halos except this one). I guess super mario 3 isn't very good since you still jump around from left to right?? Its the same thing just more refined, extra stuff, new stuff,longer, and updated graphics, better controls. Thats what this new rachet and clank is. Anyone who can't understand this is only hating on the system. Look at contra 4 on the DS, is the same style as the much older contras, but lots of people are exicted about it. I guess since its very similar then it should get a 6 and not worth your time.

QuackPot4868d ago

The obviously they must have rated Halo 3 low.

It's just a prettier version of H1 & H2.

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ngg123454869d ago

GameTM is to nintendo as gamepro is to sony. They gave almost every ps3 game a low score, rfom a 6, heavenly sword a 6, warhawk a 5, and motorstorm a 8. It is hard to say that they are harsh on reviews, because they gave super paper mario a 9, mp3 a 9, zelda tp a 10, gears of war a 10, halo 3 a 9, etc.

MK_Red4869d ago

Wow, they gave Resistance 6/10 and Warhawk 5/10!? They really need to see a doctor ASAP.

Grassroots4869d ago

I guess some people just don't enjoy great games!

stevenhiggster4869d ago

Seriously you'd have to be making love to an xbox to give warhawk a 5, or maybe just dead from the neck up! What total retards.

Bathyj4869d ago

Thats all I need to hear to never give them my attention.

Daishi4868d ago

Every site needs to give the same exact score for the same games and have the same opinion, that way people who hate sports games will have to pick them up just because of all the high scores. I hate opinions they are just so different from one another...

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the worst4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Pixeljunk Racers higher than Ratchet & Clank
leave the drugs alone b4 reviewing a game
im playing Super Mario Galaxy now so far 9.5 for me
Ratchet & Clank so far 9.5