Hands-On with the First Hour of Sid Meier's Civilization Revolutions

2K Games dropped by Gameplayer's office to give them some hands-on time with Sid Meier's Civilization Revolutions, the next-gen console variation on their classic series. They played from the start and an hour into the experience.

"It's complex enough in single player. We shudder to think how time-consuming things will get once multi-player is factored-in."

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Bolts4867d ago

So basically they ripped the balls out of the PC version, then dumbed it down by X10, added some cute animations then called it a day after slapping on the $60 price tag.

Are they phucking kidding me? I suppose if you're an idiot you might buy this game, that or you have no idea that Civ 4 and the expansions can be had on the PC for only $30.

RBlaze4866d ago

They would release Civ2 on the arcade, altered for console play ofcourse. that'd be sweet