Nintendo made a graph: Weekly sales show huge PS3 price cut spike

Nintendo's financial briefing last week included a graph for up-to-date European hardware sales figures. The red line represents PS3. PS3 sales went from around 20,000 a week to 60,000 thanks to the new 40GB model and the price slashing of the 60GB model, overtaking Xbox 360 and almost managing to outsell the Wii - but not quite. It is still by far the best sales PS3 has managed since its launch weeks.

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Meus Renaissance4871d ago

That can't be right. I think the PS3 sold around 107,000 the week after the price cut yet that graph only shows the highest to just over 60,000.

ruibing4871d ago

It's still good news for Sony.

gtgcoolkid4871d ago

I thought there were couple of weeks where PS3 was above hundred thousand.

jaja14344871d ago

Well its for Europe, which honestly who cares about anything outside of US, so it probably doesn't includes US/Japan/wherever sales.

Foliage4871d ago

"which honestly who cares about anything outside of US"

Nintendo and Sony do, and it shows.

neil_19804870d ago

And what makes you think anyone out side the US cares about anything to do with the US?

Seriously man, you the American version of Hitler or something?

Coffin874870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

"who cares"??

well, 1st of all, i care, cause i live in europe, and all this anti-sony news on the .com websites really doesn't represent the general mood in europe.

2ndly, sony and ms care, and both of them KNOW this: sony = (europe + japan), ms = n.america. it IS a tendency, and if some of you americans just don't care, well.. i gotta say it's pretty sad to see how confined some of you are..

malingenie4870d ago

How can someone with xenophobic messages like you have so many bubbles?

The Swordsman4870d ago

Multiple accounts, perhaps? Or is that just jumping to conclusion?

Rasulis4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Jaja you give educated Americans, such as me, a horrible image. Please stop spouting such ignorant lines.

The question is if the sale rate of the ps3 will be sustainable or if this was just people waiting for the 400 Dollar price drop? I personally don't think the sales will sustain anywhere near this level for an extended period of time.

jaja14344870d ago

Haha so many lovely comments I got.

To those who live in Europe, obviously you care but you should realize that my comment is directed toward those who live in other countries outside of Europe.

To those who said MS and Sony cares. Really you think? Maybe I should have worded my post to mean why should "you" care, but I thought that would have been obvious. So my bad on that part...

And lastly my dear friend who is an educated American. How is what I said giving "you" a bad name? Its a gaming console... Now if I said who cares about their political/economical/social stability then sure you could claim I'm uneducated. But in the grand scheme of things a gaming console means absolutely jack. Don't misconstrued this to mean it means nothings as it is a fast growing industry, but as far as world politics go, its means jack. Being an educated American I would expect you to know the difference.

The guy who said I'm xenophobic...I sorry what? Xenophobia is the fear of something foreign, usually a type of people. So how in the hell do you get that out of my post?

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Shankle4871d ago

This is bull. if there had been such a spike in wii sales I think we would have noticed already.

riqued4871d ago

A company as big as Nintendo would probably notice it before us and have more sources than any of us...

REbirth4870d ago

i still don't understand why people keep buying the wii...the stupid console ever...if people want fun with low graphics or low power the ps2 is cheaper and has more variety of games:P

Ares844871d ago

..that chart is from Nintendo. What did you guys expect to see??? Sony going over Nintendos sales??? Stop kidding yourselfs!!

The chart is all wrong...Nintendo haven't skyrocketed like that!

Ares844871d ago

Well sometimes it does!

Rooftrellen4871d ago

Since you know better, I trust you can provide us with a link ot a source that's more reliable?

Proxy4871d ago

They make a profit on every Wii, if it was selling 10 a week they'd be happy, although not AS happy as they currently are.

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bestgamer944871d ago

idk i think it's a misleading graph some how it looks like it
but i can't back it up so whatever

kevoncox4871d ago

Why would Nintendo lie.
They have never jus lied before.

Drano4870d ago

This is a Corporation, not the Pope. They've got a "nice guy" image but they've got their dirty secrets too, just like any company. And before anyone panics, I'm not saying they're [email protected], just saying that they COULD modify the numbers at their advantage. This is pure speculation.

Jump Beyond.

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