The Top 7 Stupidest Video Game Stories Ever

GamerHelp names the 7 most idiotic video game stories ever created:

"Number 7: Final Fantasy (pick one)
Look, a great story is about telling a tale interestingly. It's not just about plot twists and important characters dying suddenly. Unfortunately for the teams behind Final Fantasy, they've been telling the same god-damned story since the original game."

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MK_Red4875d ago

I think the stupidest game story ever belongs to Postal 2 (And it's expansions).

Coconutz9194875d ago

The article was pretty funny, particularly the MGS bit, but I wouldn't necessarily agree with their choices. My choice would be from ANY one-on-one fighting game. I dare anyone to make sense of the Tekken, Soul Calibur or Dead or Alive storylines (at least Virtua Fighter 5 doesn't even bother with a story at all).

WilliamRLBaker4875d ago

and while i agree every final fantasy after 6 was stupid, I think the originals we're great.

and I happend to like postal because it wasn't trying to be any thing it wasn't it didn't try to have a great stroyline.

Ares844875d ago

...I think they just don't understand MGS's storyline. They are like a 7 year old who doesn't understand something so calles it stupid!

I agree with the rest but not MGS!

But yea...Postal has an idiotic story!! But you know what...most of the raceing games as well. (Looking at you Need for Speed).

Also I not sure if these guys played : Dead Mans Hand, Any Gex games(allthough I loved the games themselfs but the story...)

I have to say that...Mario takes the cake in the dumbest storyline ever!

Coconutz9194875d ago

I see you mentioned the Need for Speed games. Those live-action cutscenes from NFS: Most Wanted were hilarious...

Ares844875d ago a sence yes!!:D But they where so horrible at times, I couldn't even look!! :D

socomnick4875d ago

Dude The storyline in mgs games got Incredibly stupid in sons of liberty.
MGs1 was awesome but part 2 just killed it, the story was so confusing and stupid.

Ares844875d ago

Well the only think that was stupid about MGS2 was that it didn't feature snake as the main caracter. Insted they took this gay blond [email protected] and tried to pass it as snake 1.5! The story was ok actually you just have to connect the dots! I recommend you to play all three parts and pay attention closely because the story is truly hard to understand but if you do understand it and connect the lines it turns out to be great!!

There are a lot of unanswered questions but I'm hopeing they will be answered in 4.

MGS story is just have to understand it! If you don't understand it and find it confusing that's ok, just don't call it stupid!

jay34875d ago

"There are a lot of unanswered questions but I'm hopeing they will be answered in 4."

That's what I thought about Saw IV....Damn, was I disappointed.

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aDDicteD4875d ago

I totaly disagree w/ this list....MGS and FF were great games!

Richdad4875d ago

Yeah FF and MGS are Definetly great games. They do have good stories and excellent voice acting. But all of the games seem to be similar when it comes to the plot sitution, imo the have developed a way to get people indulge in their game and using it again and again I can say this for FF atleast. The way of conveying, storytelling and twist are always the same kind.
Also I would like to add I have played FFXII for 120 hours man it was good but was one pain in ass( Just think of levleing up for 40-50 hours). The only reason I played it because of the tilt I had towards it.

Sssamba4875d ago

Hahah, I stopped reading as soon as I read "Final Fantasy" on there. Glanced through it and saw they put Tetris on there, which has no story, and Metal Gear Solid, which perhaps has one of the most intricate and interesting stories out there in the video game world.

Nice little joke article though.

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