Scariest games of all time

Top 10 of the most scariest games of all time, so far.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

And I also watched the Manhunt 2 part. Can't believe how much attention this game is getting now while the first one slipped by like nothing and everyone underrated it. I think the original was probably better, part 2 looks like more of the same. I was disappointed when they didn't make Manhunt 2 for PS3/360

jay34867d ago

This list is from like 2 years ago.


Man, I agree with ALL this list, even the position of each one in the top 10, but there is one game I would put over all this... I have finished all this games in this list, but never have gone too far in my number one, which is Forbidden Siren, I was deep in fear to the 'till the bones of my a$$!

You have no weapon most time, no place to really rind, one sandbox full of shibitos and most time you even have to help/control more than one character... Don't mentioning the odd noises shibitos make all the time, the blood years, which is difficult to look at even from the scope of a sniper rifle... Oh, yes, and the bad habit of been immortal.

Even the siren sound in the beginning was frightening.

jaja14344867d ago

I thought AVP2 was a hell of a lot more startling than AVP. I mean just hearing the beep, beep, beep of a group of Aliens coming at you gets the blood flowing good and fast. And of course the occasional, "watch me jump out of the shadows and care the crap out of you" Alien.

Anyways my scariest game would have to be Penumbra-Overture. A relatively unknown game that good decent reviews. Anyways ohh did this game scare the crap out of you... I still refuse to play it at night.

NRG4867d ago

Hell yeah. More bubbles for you. While it gets a little less scary after you face your first few foes, Penumbra was incredible, even if it was a a fairly low budget. I'm pretty sure the first time I was stuck down there with that thing was the most scared I've ever been from a video game. I can't wait for Episode 2. I got some of my lady-friends to play it, and they were screaming before they even got to any enemies. Another wasn't willing to even try after seeing the main menu.

Anyone out there that likes their horror games and can really get into stories and atmosphere without uber graphics, Penumbra is a must.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4867d ago

Once there was a game that was banned world wide because it was too scary. I forgot its name I saw it as download on a site. It was a game just to scare you physilogically.

Skizelli4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

While I do understand it's just a fun list and personally agreeing with most of it, why no FEAR, Condemned or Alone in the Dark? Did I mention FEAR? I'm pleased Silent Hill took #1, though. I love that series. I'm hoping 5 doesn't blow considering the original creators aren't doing it.