Latest Famitsu Review Scores, Ratchet & Clank Reviewed

Ratchet & Clank as well as Mario Party DS reviewed in the latest issue of Famitsu. It looks like Super Mario Galaxy has some competition this Christmas as R&C only scored two points less than SMG.

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sonarus4868d ago

ratchet and clank actually sells in Japan too. More sweet weeks ahead for ps3

shmee4868d ago

HS has 30 000 pre-orders already

expect R&C to sell 100k in its launch week.

LAIR has sold around 40k so far which is not bad for a western oriented game in JAPAN

BUT white ps3 will turn the tides for SONY in JAPAN. It is cheap and most japanese seems to like it

ruibing4868d ago

Mario Galaxy and R&C are the only real platformers out right now, so I'd expect them to do well.

MK_Red4868d ago

Good find. 36/40 is great. Another 9/10 for Ratchet. They are getting Just Cause now!?

shmee4868d ago

although u dont get to hear it but Japanese gamers are actually waiting for the ps3. The only thing that distracted them was the price. with a new lower price i expect ps3 to completely turn tides in Japan for SONY

yea RATCHET is now certified AAA

daily game gave it 9/10 ---the strictest and the most unbiased reviewer

cooke154868d ago

Its official. SMG is the best platformer of the year. ;)

shmee4868d ago

But ratchet is right up there with it too

Grassroots4868d ago

Mario is the ultimate platformer for ever!! Ratchet is soo much fun though!

Ares844868d ago

But Mario is....humm...kind of really really old!! I don't give a damn about Mario and Mario looks uninteresting to me!

On the other hand R&C is a relatevly fresh idea compared to Mario and is a much better platformer in my opinion!!

Call me whatever you want....I grew out of's been a while since I was 7 years old!

Panthers4868d ago

Mario is fun, but the story obviously sucks. Doesnt matter though, its Mario.

n4gno4868d ago

You can't compare scores for next gens and wii, mario galaxy on ps3 = 2 for graphics.

ratchet is obviously better.

KeiZka4867d ago

Oh, that's why people still play super mario Bros 1, 2 and 3? That's why people still play Super Mario World? Adults, I mean. Feh... Recognize what is worth what.

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Sevir044868d ago

That great, it hows that Insomniac is well renouned even in Japan. ^^ a western dev is freakin doing it big in Japan and they loved it. i even saw the ratchet and clank JP comercial it was pretty good.

Go insomniac Go

Bathyj4868d ago

Even Resistance did pretty well in Japan, all things considered.

Grassroots4868d ago

If you look they actually design Ratchet differently for the Japanese market. I also saw the Japanese commercial and thought it was quite lacking... could've been better.

shmee4868d ago

It is the only console FPS in JAP history to cross 100k mark

Bathyj4868d ago

I wonder what those joyless vampires at Edge will give it. Probably 6 or 7 just to keep their reputation of having so called "high standards" when actually it just means they let their snobbery stop them from enjoying alot of games.

Shankle4868d ago

That's why I like the Official Playstation Magazine UK. They're not afraid to give 10s to games. Examples of PS2 games which they gave 10s to, which other reviewers would disagree with are Timesplitters 2, Several of the pro evos, Burnout Revenge, Black and Okami. They're not saying that these games are perfect, because there's no such thing as a perfect game. Instead, it builds a list of top class games which anyone will undoubtedly enjoy, and which all gamers should own.

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