Feast your eyes on Mass Effect's achievements

Good ol' DaKing240 has gotten his hands on another list of achievements, this time for BioWare's upcoming third-person action RPG, Mass Effect. There are 45 achievements in all, adding up to a grand total of 1000 gamerscore points as per the norm.

Among the various goals you'll have to accomplish in order to unlock 'em all include getting one of your characters to level 60, beating the game twice, and completing a "romance subplot."

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socomnick4875d ago

Nooo why is that lesbian kissing my blue chick. SHESS mine!!!!!

BloodySinner4875d ago

The achievements are freaking tedious...

Silver Bull3t4875d ago

For those who enjoy them teriffic. I realy don't give a F as to what I do that is considered an achievement. If they can rape me for a CE and make me feel that my 70bux was worth it then fine, acheivements or none.

Don't be all up on acheievements just because the PS3 doesn't have them ;p

BloodySinner4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

"Don't be all up on acheievements just because the PS3 doesn't have them ;p"

If you're assuming I have one, then you are terribly mistaken.



I'm an achievement sort of person... I really like earning them.

dachiefsman4875d ago

honestly they are not that different from Oblivion....took me 50+ hours to get all of those achievements....

MK_Red4875d ago

Oh, I see. I love earning achievements too but usually don't try get them all. (Only when I really dig the game like case of Dead Rising and hopefully Mass Effect.)

BLACKJACK VII4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

Well, actually more challenging achievements are more satisfying to me... lol, i broke 20K today for Halloween & enjoyed it... but what is the most important is that it is a great game. Bioware will deliver. Can't wait.



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MK_Red4875d ago

Superb find.
So far the only game that got me into unlocking all achievements was Dead Rising but ME is seriously tempting. Can't wait.

Silver Bull3t4875d ago

Kinda off-topic but I hope the leveling-up in this game is different than OBLIVION. I wanna build up my character thru side-quests and make my guy uber. If the world is leveling-up relative to me that'll just suck. At least make "auto world leveling" an option. I can always play-thru again with a diff char using diff tactics.

I can't wait to go exploring the outer-reaches of the universe... keep auto-level off so that exploring is actually worth something.


dachiefsman4875d ago

thanks for the submission!

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The story is too old to be commented.