Michael Pachter talks upcoming PlayStation price cuts

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has gained a fair bit of respect from us over the last year or so, and for good reason. He has been right on a lot of his claims, and generally close to correct on rest.

When speaking about hardware and software sales throughout 2007 and into 2008, Pachter speculated that Sony would lower the cost of it's aging PlayStation 2 early next year.

"Sony announced a SingStar PS2 bundle for $149, and will likely cut the price for the PS2 at the beginning of next year (note that Sony recently raised its forecast for PS2 sales by 2 million this year, ending March 31, 2008)."

We expect the magic $99.99 price point for Sony's seven year old console.

Regarding the current generation, Pachter also thinks we'll be seeing another PlayStation 3 price cut in the Spring.

"We expect a further price cut for the PS3 in the spring, when blockbuster games Grand Theft Auto IV and PS3 exclusives Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet and Gran Turismo 5 will launch."

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ATLRoAcH4875d ago

expect another price cut just in time for GTA IV.

ruibing4875d ago

I think Sony will evaluate their the results of this price drop across the holiday and then make their actions then. I'd like the hear his prediction after he analyzes the post-holiday sales.

coolmatrix4875d ago

With the PS3 at $399.99 Sony effectively demolished the competition before they even had time to react.

Gamers around the world were sent into a frenzy as retailers everywhere had to respond to the feverish demand for the PS3 even greater than at launch.

Resistance and Motorstorm franchises both 1st party titles utilizing the supercomputer Cell and BluRay effectively showcased to new owners the beginning of years of entertainment value for their initial investment.

The Wii at $249.99 no longer was a bargain that it once was. Sales came to a screeching halt as buyers rejoiced in Sony's bold move to make their favorite console affordable to the masses.

The Xbox360 demise was even more breathtaking. With the PS3 $299.99 undercutting the Core, Premium and Elite models which has no high definition DVD standard, buyers ignored the 360 enmass.

Even if MS tried to discontinue the Core and Premium, the Elite HD DVD add-on is $179.99 plus the price of the Elite was more expensive than the PS3.

HD DVD suffered tremendously since no one cared to much about the 360. (Blockbuster announcement)

Additionly HD DVD movie players faltered as well since the PS3 had a built-in next generation DVD player standard and buyers where stunned onced they experienced their first BluRay movie on the PS3.

The one title that push the PS3 seemingly into every home was LittleBigPlanet.

Once the title was released the developers were smart enough to create Plush Toys for children and collectibles for adults for the Christmas holiday season.

They spun off LBP into a kids learning software title for the PS3 that taught the alphabet, spelling and math.


Sony PS3 captured the imagination of music players, karoke singers, next-gen gamers, researchers aka Folding at Home, community fans with Home, avid movie buffs and children with LittleBigPlanet bringing families a true family entertainment experience.

Stroke of genius!

XxZxX4875d ago

$349 & $449 PS3 80gb is coming next spring?
wow that's pretty fast

BloodySinner4875d ago

Sony doesn't have much of a choice in the matter. Besides, I predict that SKU will come with a rumbling Sixaxis & HDMI cable. That's just me...

shmee4875d ago

MS doesnt have a choice. even the halo 3 bundle flopped in Japan and EU.
NA is their last stance and from 2008 MS has nothing to counter MGS4,FF13,LBP and KZ2.

for x360 everything is finished with Halo 3.

for ps3 this is just the beginning . Expect some serious pounding when 40 gig arrives in US

Ri0tSquad4875d ago

I thought it was a mistake to not include a headset and HD cables so hopefully it happens

Real gamer 4 life4875d ago

and when that second price cut comes, combined with the release of sony blockbuster hits especially metal gear solid. Sony sale are going to hit the roof.

GIJeff4875d ago

Thinks GT5 is a spring release. I'm pretty sure they already said its next winter release. This guy is just like everyone on this site, except he gets paid.

Ri0tSquad4875d ago

another ps3 price cut would be nutz.

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The story is too old to be commented.