Midway developer endorses PS3 as lead platform

Mike Bilder, studio head behind Stranglehold, thinks developing first on PS3 and subsequently on Xbox 360 would avoid the delays and frame rate issues of the former without compromising the quality of the latter.

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aaquib54869d ago

No longer will we get more Madden's or Blacksites

ruibing4869d ago

We know exclusives can run beautifully so this seems like a logical choice for developers. I believe Epic is already doing this for UT3. Then again, I don't mind delays on games I'm not that excited about only if the delay is worth it (runs better, looks better, plays better).

socomnick4869d ago

Great now the Xbox 360 version is gonna be dumbed down cause of the ps3. Just make 2 different versions of a game no ports that way xbox gets their games on time and hopefully the ps3 does too.

Pain4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

@1.2 socomnick

lol kids say funny things, Yea cuz when Dev go that extra mile on ps3 then relize they have to take a massive step back for 360 becuz the took advantage of Cell's spu's and blu-ray then yes 360 'Will' be a
dumbed down PS3 port.

Nuch Vader4868d ago

All you PS3fanboys wish. Unfortunately for you, the rest of the video game industry has a brain.

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PS3 Limps on and on4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

But the reality is that a lot of developers still aren't. So I just hope with experience they can deliver quality ports to the PS3 and release them on time.

You look at the developers who did take the time to make quality games on the PS3, they usually had to delay. Obviously it wasn't as easy atleast the first time around.

mighty_douche4869d ago

get back to second life freak.

BLlNK4869d ago

Making a new account. After I an many other reported you. Sorry for off topic but this guy is a Half Life Freak.

Omegasyde4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Does Lightning 2nd account, also hate Women and believe that they should get Breast Cancer because they have breast? Lightning (first account) believes so.

So in the end, your opinion is still trash and you make Sony fanboys look stupid. Congrats you have done more harm than good.

power of Green 4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Never will happen no one's going to handi capp their games or waste time with PS3 as a lead. Would devs still take advantage of the 360's capabilities?. Devs care about making the best games they know how to make so that they can compete with 1st party games and PS3 as the lead platform would be a foolish move in doing so hence the PS3 always lacking what the 360 can do.

360 games continue to out shine the PS3 games regardless of the source of the port(PS3 games need extra months and even a year to almost get them on par. PS2 vs Xbox all over again?.

PS3 has frame rate issues and the games are always delayed 3rd party or not.

Blood_Spiller4869d ago

Assassins Creed and Call of Duty 4 are releasing the same day for both systems.

weekapaugh4869d ago

"Never will happen no one's going to handi capp their games"

you mean like using DVD9 type handicapping?

Zor4869d ago

PoW Youve been BURNED!
Looks like your eyes were blinded by this article,

SRuN44869d ago

The upcoming Burnout is ps3 lead, that's coming from EA too.

Ri0tSquad4869d ago

They can port the game from the 360 to the ps3 and have delays, framerate issues, bugs, and when the crap finally gets released no one buys it because they already played it on a 360. Or they can have it as the lead platform, take an advantage of the system, and have more ps3 owners or non ps3 owners pumped to buy the superior version.

gerrard4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

You got told! Ps3 will be taking the batton from now on.



The WildAttorney4869d ago

The Sony fanboys will never accept the truth, but the simple fact is that the PS3 is a horrible device to program for. If you spend twice the money on a project, you can achieve results on par with the Xbox 360, but why would you do that? The Xbox 360 has a far larger market share and its market share grows every day in comparison to the PS3. Every game that is released these days for the PS3 was started before they discovered that the PS3 had tanked. Yes, PS3 was the lead platform for Burnout, but again, that was started before they learned that the PS3 was going to tank. You can disagree. You can complaint. You can cry. But this is a simple fact.

gololo4869d ago

Power of Green says, "PS2 vs Xbox all over again?" You are an xbot, and you are saying this, and last time I check, the PS2 dominated the xbox...hmmm

Omegasyde4869d ago

Seriosly the whole "handi capp" comment was a stupid thing to say and really made you look bad. I like when you bring good evidence and a decent argument, but lately you are turning into "brainless fanboy" in which you make fun of Sony Fans for.

Power of green congratulations. You are now labeled a hypocrite.

b777conehead4868d ago

POG the 360 is already handicapped the rrod the dvd-9 cant even do halo 3 in high def only 640p and that was a exclusive. i'm glad midway thanking is coming around to the right way to do things ps3 first. the better system no rrod and plays games in high def. pog go buy a ps3 and enjoy the best gaming has to offer maybe you will stop hateing

b777conehead4868d ago

hey wild attorney your a idiot for agreeing with pog. ill make a wag now naughty dog is going to sell a whole bunch of uncharted because they took the time to learn and develop for the ps3 and what a beauty of a they will get a big time return on investment. the dev like at ea and a few i want buy there crappy ports its not the ps3 fault its the lousy dev who ported from the 360 instead of making a game using the strength of the ps3 that sony made into it

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scrillakiller4869d ago

funny all the first party games run fine with no framerate problems and look light years ahead of the 3rd party stuff.i think u need to wipe the guk out of ur eyes

ALMIGHTYPS34869d ago

"the ps3 had tanked"?

Example:UT3 was developed on the PS3 first!!

You sir are truely idiot and you fail>you can complain,you can cry but this is a simple fact.

J U M P O U T & P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

goodganja4869d ago

There you have it. Midway the next to jump on board on which platform is easier and more important to dev for first. PS3.

As Developers figure out what the Cell and RSX can do, combine that with blu-ray and Devs will not even want to bother porting a product to 360 due to what they would need to cut out.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

jackdoe4869d ago

You sir are an ignorant fanboy. 360 is easier to develop for, but in the long run, it is easier to develop with the PS3 as the lead platform and painlessly port the game to the 360. That way, both versions will be in tip top shape.

chester4869d ago

"Mike Bilder, studio head behind Stranglehold, THINKS developing first on PS3 and subsequently on Xbox 360 would avoid the delays and frame rate issues of the former without compromising the quality of the latter"

so, in fact, they didn't "jump on board". a developer within the company thinks that it would alleviate the problem that they have with the ps3. learn to read ya douche.

Omegasyde4869d ago

Well said.

Developers save money (if they plan on making a multi-platform game).

There for they can recycle some of the Textures,geometry, AI scripts and easily port it to a format the 360 can read. Funny how still to this day Sony hasn't made better kits for developers. I understand that Sony is paying Epic to help out with the Unreal engine (which will do wonders), but they really need better tools for 3rd party. Perhaps Incognito and Insomniac should share of thier methods/kits with other developers to save them money. Either that or...

Insomniac licences a "ratch and Clank" engine to 3rd parties.