Kengo: Legend of the 9 - Review

It is the games with the most promise that are the most frustrating when they fail to pull it all together. Such is the case with samurai slasher, Kengo. The game features some of the best sword-fighting mechanics videogames has ever seen, but the developers appear to have run out of time before actually finishing the game itself.

Despite using relatively few buttons, the game has brilliantly executed fighting mechanics. When on the attack, 'B' is your basic attack and 'Y' is your heavy attack. This sounds very basic, until your realize that the right-bumper changes your fighting stance and start playing around with the deadly combos. The game's slick RPG elements allow you to purchase new combos and attacks at the end of each round with level-earned experience points, as well as use 'spirit spheres' towards upgrading your samurai's main attributes.

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InMyOpinion4870d ago

This game was released in Japan more than a year ago. Just plain stupid to release it in the west now.